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How to Encourage Yourself

Do you feel discouraged? Do you lack confidence? Do you want to believe in yourself? If you want to encourage yourself, you can use daily affirmations, find your gifts by exploring your interests, take care of yourself, hygiene included. I know that sounds extreme, but when people are depressed or lacking self-esteem, hygiene may be neglected. Learn to take action toward your goals, and surround yourself with positive family and friends to support you. Being encouraging yourself today.

Write & Recite a Daily Affirmation

We all have days when we are not feeling our best. You need to have a pick me up and this does not mean going to caffeine, drugs, alcohol, weed, or food to feel better. Feel your feelings! We are not going to feel positive all the time and this is okay. It is better to feel the feelings than avoid and suppress them. However, you can overcome persistent negative feelings by reciting an affirmation or mantra to get you out of your inner-bully. If you do not want to write an affirmation, there are plenty of affirmations that you can find online and repeat to yourself when you are feeling low.

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Find & Cultivate Your Gifts

Ask yourself: “What are my strengths?” “What do I enjoy?” “What gets me out of bed in the morning?” “What brings me joy?” “What am I passionate about?” Focus on your strengths, your emotional, spiritual, physical and mental gifts. We all have at least one gift. People see singing, dancing and acting as a gift, but there are so many different types of gifts in the world. Teaching, cooking, organizing, planning, encouraging, writing, styling, are all gifts and there are plenty where that came from. You have to find your gift and hone those skills. I am always surprised at how many people do not actively use their gifts and passions. Many people do not know what they want to do, and have not even thought about it. Once you find your gifts, cultivate them like a garden so they will blossom. Believe or not, natural talent can only get you so far. If you want to become great in your calling or purpose, you will have to put in hard work. Read, watch, and talk to people who possess your gifts and learn as much about them as possible. When you know why you are here on Earth, you will feel better about yourself and will flourish.

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Take Action toward Goals

A planner will be your best friend. You can use your phone, but I go old school with a small planner where I write everything down and use my handy dandy pen to scratch off things as I complete each task. You will feel so good about yourself when you see that you are getting things done. Write your long term goals and post them on your wall. Then, write down the actions you need to take in order to accomplish those long term goals. Figure out how you can spread out those actions daily, as well as weekly. This is the type of planning that leads to success. Goals are amazing, but if you do not have a plan of action to accomplish it, your goals are in vain. Take action, cross if off your planner as you go, and your dreams will start to become reality.

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Make time for Self-Care

If you are not taking care of yourself, you will not feel encouraged. Get up, brush your teeth, shower, put on some clean clothes, take walks, go to the spa, get a massage, get your nails done, get your hair done, go to the park, ride your bike, go outside. If you are on a tight budget, find and attend free events, do something that you enjoy that does not cost too much or costs nothing at all. Furthermore, learn to say no sometimes to make sure you are making time for you. You cannot be a help to someone if you are operating at a deficit. Make it a habit to do these things at least once or twice a week and your mood will improve and this will put a little peep in your step. If you are grinding all the time and not taking time to live life, then you will struggle to stay centered and regulated.

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Surround yourself with Positive Family & Friends

Listen, you do not want to be unsupportive to family and friends who are having personal struggles. However, there is a difference between when people are having a hard time for the moment and when someone is negative in general. You know the difference, trust yourself. You can limit contact and you can set boundaries with toxic family and friends. Set boundaries with negative people so that you protect your own heart. Spending time with positive family and friends is a necessary component to feeling encouraged and becoming your best self. If you do not have any positive family and friends, use positive youtubers to be your supportive friends.

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If you want to encourage yourself, speak affirmations to yourself every day, ask yourself questions to help you find your natural gifts. Once you have found those gifts, cultivate them and continue to grow in those talents. Take action toward your goals and surround yourself with a positive network of people, whether real or virtual. Who are you spending your time with? Do they have a growth mindset? Remember, you become like the 5 people that you spend the most time with, so choose your closest peeps wisely.

Hope this helps,

Dominique Duarte

How do you encourage yourself? Comment below!

First Steps to Wealth-Dani Johnson MY NOTES


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Hello, everyone,

First Steps of Wealth by Dani Johnson was one of the longest books that I read for my personal development, but it was one of the best. I think you should read this book because it will inspire you. Since the book was longer, this will be part one of the notes for this book. I hope this helps you with your personal development to that you can be successful in your business. Enjoy!

Laws of Success

Law #1: The Law of Vision: What do you want to do with your life? Write down what you want to do with your life including, career, relationships, where you would like to see yourself in the future.

Law #2: The Law of the Mind:The difference between how 98 percent of people think and how 2 percent of people think is their Mindset.

Law #3: The Law of Value: if you increase your skills, you will increase your pay. What determines your value in the marketplace is not your personality, whether you are shy or bold. It is not your looks or where you were born, but has everything to do with your SKILL.

  • Professional Skills- If you invest in your skills, you will earn higher pay.
  • People Skills- having great people skills will change every area of your life. When you increase your people skills, you decrease your stress, save money and increase your income. In order to make people feel special and important, let them talk abut themselves and ask them alot of questions.
  • Personal Leadership & Development- If you want to be wealthy, the only thing you can afford to do is go to work & produce results. The Law of Value means to work harder on yourself than you do on other people.

Law #4: The Law of Reaping & Sowing– take responsibility;

  • Reap & Sow with Money- If you feed your financial problems and are focused on stressing out and not being able to pay your financial bills, you will have more problems. Focus on finding the answer, feed the solution, not the problem.
  • If you give encouragement, you will get encouragement. If you want referrals, give referrals. You cannot change people, but you can change yourself.
  • The quickest way to no longer fearing rejection is to give acceptance.

Law #5: The Law of Desire: You have a desire to be wealthy, financially, spiritually, and mentally. Desire always reveals design and destiny. It only takes one person to tell you who you are to overcome it all. You need enthusiasm, persistence, and a strong belief and faith in what you are doing to succeed.

  • Enthusiasm- You need to have enthusiasm for people to want to be a part of what you are doing. Enthusiasm is what gives us hope and what makes us attractive to other people.
  • Persistence- You must be persistent to succeed at anything in life.
  • Risk Taking & Adventure- If you are going to succeed in life, you must ignite what is in your DNA and that is your adventurous risk-taking spirit.
  • Gift to Get Over It- to become successful, you must have the gift to get over these small things.
  • Faith- it needs no evidence, no proof. Faith blindly believes. It changes an individual’s behavior and sets him or her for success.

Law #6: Law of Teachability– You are hungry, pursuing success and willing to learn from masters. Teach me, show me, guide me and you will do anything if your mentors tell you what to do.

  • Confronting Ego- Ego comes from pain and ego is there to protect us from experiencing that same kind of pain again. Our enthusiasm, persistence, adventure, and faith gets pushed down by ego.

Law #7: The Law of Forgiveness– Forgiveness will bring you freedom and should become a part of your daily life.

Law #8: Law of Promotion– prosper with what you have and you will be made ruler over much more.

Law #9: The Law of Focus– whatever you focus on is what you get good at. You need to increase your ability to focus and learn new business skills. Whatever you focus on, you get good at. Time is something you never get back again and it is more valuable than money.

  • Highly successful people are very good with their time.
  • People are not loyal to the products, they are loyal to the people.
  • Remember, your product is people- finding out what they need and giving it to them so they will come back for more and give you referrals. Selling is about building relationships and growing your influence
  • The professional looks for the long-term benefits of a mutually empowered relationship, a situation where both parties feel they have gained and benefited from each other.
  • Core Rapport Methodology- Make friends first- Talk to every stranger the way you talk to your friends. Be friendly, warm and inviting. Show Genuine Interest and let people talk about themselves.
  • Listen- Listening is being genuinely interested. It makes you trustworthy to another person. Use direct eye contact, do not interrupt and ask more questions after listening so you can learn what makes that person tick.
  • Words of Encouragement- Give compliments; People love encouragement.
  • Use their name- it is the most important thing to every human on the planet.
  • Practice Business Development- You want to have a long-term business relationship. Use Business Developer on your business cards and not Salesperson on your business card.
  • Non-verbal Communication- How you hold your body, posture, gestures, how you move, facial expressions, and tone of voice. People can hear fear in your voice even with the right script. Body language also includes Smiling.
  • Verbal Communication: Tone of voice- have a bright sound and uplifting voice, do not be fake.

Law #10: The Law of Honor– Honoring people is the number one key to successful relationships. If you honor people, they will honor you.


FORM is Family, Occupation and Recreation, and Message. Use FORM to talk to people. Ask them about their family, their occupation and what they like to do for fun and then give your message. Share your message and introduce them to your presentation. Put focus on the other person and take focus off of you. Look for their SIGN-Strengths, Interests, Goals and Needs.

“Changing yourself is the only absolute guarantee of something you can change. When you understand how you are designed and how others were designed, you can learn to work together in harmony.” Dani Johnson

Hope this Helps,

Dominique Duarte

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How to Write a Daily Affirmation

One of my friends told me that she wrote a daily affirmation to say to herself everyday. I had never thought to do this, but I think it helps you to start your day with the right mindset. Many network marketers have stated in books and videos that they do something everyday to work on themselves so I suggest writing a daily affirmation. You can use books with daily affirmations, but I think it becomes more personal when you write your affirmation yourself. Only you know the person that you want to become and only you know the negative thoughts that you have been speaking to yourself and if you say a daily affirmation, you are talking to your sub-conscious mind as well. Change is difficult because we say we want to change but our sub-conscious mind does not want to change. We have many negative thoughts about ourselves and we have probably been feeding those negative thoughts for years. Speak good things about yourself regularly and catch yourself when you are not being kind to yourself. Be a good friend by being compassionate to yourself. So let’s get started everyone!

First, write down what you value and what person you would like to become. Then, write your daily affirmation. Post your daily affirmation where you can see it everyday. Recite the affirmation in the mirror in power stance with hands on your hips. Recite it with confidence and speak those words as if you truly believe them even if you don’t right now. One day you will believe those words and will be that person that you envision in your affirmation. Below is the daily affirmation I have written:

“I am strong, beautiful, and talented. I am a child of God and a woman of intergrity.

I am confident and I am worthy of greatness.”

Try this Affirmation Journal: 5-Minute Daily Affirmation Journal for Women: A Guided Journal and Workbook for Self-Care | Affirmations, Writing Prompts, and Activities for Self-Love and Growth https://amzn.to/3vycAfy

Hope this helps!

Dominique Duarte

What would you write for your daily affirmation? Comment below!

How to Gain a Growth Mindset

“Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person you become.”

Jim Rohn, Entrepreneur & Motivational Speaker (1930-2009)


I realized recently with the help of Jim Rohn, that in order for things to change, I have to change. Working on personal development is the most important step when starting a new business. It takes self-discipline, courage, persistence, time management, belief in yourself, and a willingness to succeed no matter what the cost to get a business off the ground. Since these traits do not always come naturally to most people including myself, time must be invested in helping yourself develop the skills necessary to become better.

You have to develop yourself mentally, physically and spiritually to be your best. This includes reading books and listening to audio recordings by successful people consistently, making time for spiritual growth, limiting your time with negative people and surrounding yourself with positive people. Most importantly you have to be open to change and be teachable. 

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What do you think of the Jim Rohn quote? Comment below!

Hope this helps!

Dominique Duarte