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The Invite: How to talk to your list-Simon Chan- MY NOTES


The Invite- How to invite your prospects to listen to your opportunity.

What is the Invite?

-The Invite is how you approach or contact a prospect and ask them to learn about your network marketing business.

-The Invite is the most fundamental skill that you must learn.

-You don’t need to be good in “sales” to make your first check or learn how to present.

-But you do need to know what to say to your contacts.

What the Invite is NOT!

-The Invite is NOT presenting.

-The Invite is NOT convincing your prospects to join or buy your products.

What the Invite is…

The Invite is simply letting others know that you are in business.

You contact them with the SOLE purpose of inviting them to listen to a presentation from ANOTHER SOURCE- (upline leader, webinar, hotel meeting, 1 on 1.)

-Inviting to a meeting (or phone call) with your team member.

-Team member will do the talking and presenting

-You are selling the Meeting ( or phone calls)

NOT a Sales Business

-The More you talk, the more you Lose

-Make the business simple

-Use your team

Purpose of the Invite

  1. Use your team
  2. Watch your team present
  3. This is how you learn

The Invite is letting people know you are in business.

Your network is your net worth! Your Contact List is your most valuable asset.

2 Truths to Network Marketing

  1. You know who you know..
  2. You don’t know who they know that you know.

You are ONLY 1 or 2 people away from the superstar!

Your Million Dollar Business- One of Simon’s secrets to success is that he’s always treated his network marketing business like a Million Dollar Business.

Sowing Seeds– The Invite is Sowing Seeds. Your goal is to simply spread the seed and only some will grow into oak trees.

5 Common Mistakes

  1. Exclude people on their contact list
  2. Include only close friends who they “think” will do the business on their contact list.
  3. They approach contact list with goal to sponsor everyone.
  4. They sell the business and not the meeting
  5. Approach every prospect the same way.

Never Exclude Anyone on your list!

-Often, your closest friends and family members will NOT be interested in the business.

– You NEVER know who will be interested in the business.

-You never know who you may be referred to.

-Many of your future leaders will be acquaintances that you do not know well!!

-Friends of Friends is how we meet most people; chances are your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend is NOT someone you grew up with.

-Same applies to network marketing. Your leaders will be friends of friends.

-The Invite is letting people know you are in business. Purpose is NOT to force or convince everyone to join.

-Sell the Meeting and NOT the business.

-Purpose of The Invite is to setup 3-way call with your upline leader.

What Happens when you “Sell” the Business?

  1. Your prospects are turned off because you talk too much.
  2. Your prospects are turned off because of your lack of experience (you can’t present in a professional manner and you can’t answer questions well.)
  3. You will get nervous (because you have to “present” and “sell”) and you make the business “scary” because prospects think they have to do the same thing.
  4. Your prospects are turned off because they think they have to sell like you.

What about if you are good at selling?

-Even if you are good at selling, you do NOT present.

-Your prospects will think they have to do the same & reality is no one likes to sell.

-You make business seem too “hard”

-Prospects always duplicate their experience.

-Prospects are always thinking, “Can I do this?”

How Marketing Works

You must speak to different audiences differently.

Different audiences have different interests.

You MUST talk to different people differently.

S.O.W. SYSTEM: How to effectively Invite your 3 type of prospects.

S Prospect- People who are more successful than you. You look up to them.

O Prospect- People on the same level as you

W Prospect- People who want to be like you or worse than you.

Which group of people will grow your business the fastest? The ‘S” Prospect

4 Reasons Why You Talk to the S First

  1. The S prospects are open minded and won’t be negative
  • They may not join you, but they will always find a few minutes to listen
  • Also, even if they don’t join, they will never be negative and make fun of you. They will most likely be supportive that you are taking action and doing something to make your life better.
  • Often the negativity comes from the W prospect of the O prospect and that’s why they are stuck where they are in life and why the S are successful.

2. The S prospects are well connected and knows tons of people so even if they don’t join you, they may give you referrals if you ask them.

3. If the S do happen to join. You may have found a superstar. The S will help grow your business super fast because they are driven, smart and well connected.

4. Talking to S first will also give you the confidence to talk to others and that confidence will give you the posture to get the O’s & W’s to follow you.

How to Communicate during the Invite?

-The key to communicating with your prospects is to have




-Promote your upline or team

The best part of the S.O.W. system is that you don’t need to memorize exact words or scripts.

Effective Presentation Formula

Your prospects basically want to learn only 5 things:

  1. Industry
  2. Company
  3. Products
  4. Money
  5. Training

Magnetic Communication Part 1-Simon Chan: MY NOTES


Simon Chan tells about how he was really shy growing up and had a hard time communicating with people. I too, have struggled with talking to people. He even mentions that not taking the time to communicate and not listening when communicating is bad communication. I am guilty of both. I have gotten so caught up in my own world, that I didn’t take time to talk to people and when I did talk to people, I mostly talked about myself. It’s easy to talk about yourself, especially when that is who you spend most of your time with. I spent most of my time alone as a child, teen, and a young adult. I didn’t have many friends and it wasn’t because people didn’t like me. I think people liked me, but they didn’t really know me well. I didn’t give them a chance to know me and mostly, I didn’t take time to get to know them.

I began calling two people a day almost two months ago so I could ask people how they were doing. It seemed to make them feel good. The best communicators are those who listen to other people. I still make mistakes when talking to people. I catch myself rambling and I think it is a nervous habit because I want to be interesting to other people and I want them to like me. The reality is if I would listen to other people and let them talk, I would be the most interesting person to other people. I never thought about that until recently. Take time to listen to others because everyone just wants to be heard in this world. Listening is a skill and the only way to improve a skill is to practice it. In order to practice listening, you have to talk to more people throughout your day.

Communication Skills

Importance of Communication

-Good Communication: Leads to Happier Life; Better relationships

-Growing up shy & not able to communicate

-Poor Communication leads to problems and conflicts

-Poor Communication causes misunderstanding and judgement (not taking the time to communicate, not taking the time to “listen” when you communicate)

-Listening is the Key to Communication

-Best part of network marketing is it FORCES you to learn how to communicate

-Prospecting, sponsoring, and leading your team is all about communication

-Getting out of your comfort zone & learning to communicate

-Must learn basics of communication to prospect and build your network marketing business

-Basic Communication- you can talk to prospects

-As you get better- do presentations and trainings

-Using Communication Skills to inspire and help others in your community.

Basic Rules of Communication

-You Must really care about others.

-The best communicators are the best leaders.

-Prospecting is all about finding out about your prospects needs and how you can help them.

-Be a good listener, not a good talker

-Goal: Find any way to help someone, not necessarily just for your business. This forces you to listen more and provide value, especially when meeting new people. This also allows you to find the needs of a prospect and which prospect angle is best.

-Smile! Always smile, even when you are on the phone. People can “hear” the smile.

-Law of Attraction- you attract what you are. If you are happy and positive, those will be the prospects you attract.

-Never complain, nor gossip.

-Feeds negative energy into your mind and messes up your subconscious mind.

-If you are a negative person or tend to complain and gossip, no prospect will want to listen, nor join you!

Reading the Prospect

-Learn to read the prospect and find a prospects’ real concerns and needs.

-If a prospect is only interested in products, don’t go and talk business! (& vice versa)

-Ways to “read” the prospects:

  • Facial expressions
  • Words they say
  • How they say the words (tone, volume, speed)

You always want to read the prospect. Face to Face is Best; Phone is 2nd Best and emails and texting are terrible.


-Listening reveals what prospects’ real needs & concerns are

-Voice inflection: “I did not say John beat his wife” This sentence has 8 different meanings depending on voice inflection. (You’ll never be able to get this in an email or text)

-Always READ the prospect

-Goal is to find something to help them

-Must present something that fits THEIR interest

People Must Like You

-People buy from people they like,

-You must make prospects like you.

2 Ways to Get People to Like You

-Letting them talk and vent (be a good listener!)

-Establish commonality

Letting Others Talk & Vent

Everyone wants to feel important

Everyone wants to be heard

Everyone likes to talk

But the people they talk to ALWAYS want to talk and be heard. So there is always a conflict.

An immediate way to stand out and get someone to like you is to Let them talk!

Let them feel important.. hear them out.. let them vent.

The more they talk, the more they like you!

And remember, the MORE they like you, the greater the chance they will join you or buy your products.

Establish Commonality

-People like people who are in commonality, we gravitate towards people who are similar to us or have similar interests.

-So talk & share things that you have in common with prospect.

-But you Must Listen First!

-Talking about common things makes you a better communicator.

The Foundation for Sponsoring Success-Simon Chan- My Notes Part 2


Your income is the average of the 5 people who you are around the most.

You must be consistent to do this business. Set the time and the amount of hours you want to work your business and do that DAILY. Prospect every day.

Everyone who stays in this business 5 years and does it consistently with the same company will be successful.

Simon’s Turning Point

  1. Prospecting everday
  2. 5/5/3- talk to warm market & leads
  3. Simon hid in his mom’s den and made calls. He was fearful of his mom listening to how he sounded making calls. He thought he sounded bad at first when he was new to prospecting, but overcome the fear, the more he did it.
  4. Self-Development

Read “Secrets to Closing the Sale” by Zig Ziglar

After 42 people, Simon got his first sign up. On average, if you talk to 100 people, at least 1 will sign up, so this was pretty good for him. Keep track of your numbers!

However, his first sign up never attended meetings, never replied back to his emails and quit after 2 months.

The turning point for Simon Chan was prospecting EVERYDAY!

Simon’s original sponsor was not really a leader. One day, his sponsor came to him and told him that the Ruby Director (Steve) in the company would be training Simon. He meets with the Steve and says he is so serious about building his business. But 2 hours later, Simon has a picnic with his girlfriend. Steve calls him and is appalled that he is having a picnic and not working the business. Steve told Simon that you have to work hard and told him that he didn’t deserve to work with him. Steve told him that if you are not doing 5,5,3, you are not serious. You have to work until you get your income goal. Steve would call him to ask what he was doing and Simon would not be working the business when the he would call him. Steve was teaching him for free, but he was getting on Simon’s nerves with his constant calling. Simon realized that Simon was the problem and not Steve. Eventually, when Steve would call, Simon would be happy because he was working his business. Simon did 3-way calls with Steve and his business took off. Meanwhile, his original sponsor quits and eventually gets terminated.

Your Magic Number: The number of people you need to talk to before you reach your financial goal. Example: If Michelle wanted to make $100,000, she needs to talk to 5,000 people to get to that goal. If Guillermo talked to one person a day, it would take 10 years to make $100,000. If he talked to 20 people a day, he could make $100,000 in 250 days.

Another way to reach $100,000 faster is to improve your sponsoring skills. Michelle could make $100,000 by talking to 1,000 people if she had better skills.

Two Things to Bring Your Magic Number Down

  1. Talk to more people
  2. Work on Self-Development

Simon Chan’s S.O.W. Sponsoring System: The Foundation For Sponsoring Success


Let’s get down to business. I am really getting serious about my network marketing business and my musical theatre career. I am traveling to three auditions within the next two weeks to land my next performance opportunity. Furthermore, this week I will be adding to my daily to do list. Another 21 days has passed, so it’s time to add something new to my daily tasks.  I’m excited about this journey to build my business and my theatre career.

Here are the notes from my Simon Chan Lesson Today:

Why is it Important to Sponsor?

  • Everyone has to do it to get going.
  • This business is about duplication and teaching. You must know how to do it before you can teach it.
  • You are the leader and your team always follows what you do.

There are No Excuses: You can make money or make excuses, but you cannot make both!

If you don’t know how to conduct meetings, prospect people, you must learn how to do it to be successful.

You Must Learn to Sponsor!

Anyone can learn No hype selling.

Learn the difference between a nagging annoying salesman and No Hype Selling

Who cares if you like to sell or not…just do it!

Make the Commitment!

Foundation for Sponsoring Success

No Excuses!


Daily Routine

Continued Self-Development

Remember your ‘Why”

Avoid the Big Trap: Going for the home run by trying to get the heavy hitter such as a doctor, who can bring in several people. This is trying to take the easy way out and this just doesn’t work. The problems with the Home Run is the process is slow, creates lack of consistency, and creates fake hope.

-The success of your network marketing business comes from the average person who is hungry to change his/her life. It never comes from the home run!

-Your actions need to be in line with your desires. Many people have desires, but their actions are not congruent with their desires.

Sponsoring Workshop-Simon Chan Webinar- MY NOTES


Learn How to Easily Invite More Prospects….So that You can Sponsor at least 1 person a week.

-Schedule a consistent time everyday to prospect people.

-People buy you! Not your products or business.

-TIME is the most valuable thing that you can never get back.

How to Think & Grow Rich

  1. You can learn the skills
  2. Visualize Your Success
  3. Have Posture

It’s not who you are, it’s who you are becoming, where you are going.

5 Ways to Have Posture

  1. You don’t need them, but they need you
  2. Be confident
  3. Reject them first before they reject you! If a prospect asks you if it is a pyramid scheme or don’t want to give you their number. Say, “I’m sorry, you’re not the person I’m looking for then.” Stop wasting your time on negative prospects.
  4. Be in a hurry; Successful people are always busy.
  5. Don’t talk too much; the more you talk, the more you lose. The more you talk, it turns people off.

5 Deadly Mistakes in MLM

  1. They approach their contact list with the goal to sponsor everyone. 18 out of 20 people will not be interested. If they are not interested, don’t try to convince them.
  2. They ONLY talk to their close friends and family.
  3. They PREJUDGE their prospects and talk to only ones they think will be interested.
  4. Sell the business & NOT the meeting during the Invite
  5. They approach every prospect the same way.

3 Types of Prospects

  1. S Prospects- People you look up to or who have accomplished more in their careers or achieved more financially. Ex. Businessmen, doctors, lawyers, your boss. These prospects are more open minded and would be more open to your opportunity. They have more connections and will give you referrals. Talking to S’s will also make you feel more confident in yourself.
  2. O Prospects- People who are your peers and are “On the same level as you.” These prospects are the hardest to prospect.
  3. W Prospects- People who look up to you or want to be like you. Ex. Your young nephew, your assistant, your secretary.

How to Approach an S Prospect: Edify them and directly invite.

How to Approach an O Prospect: Ask them for a favor or ask for their opinion. Ex. Ask them, “Can you look at this online video and let me know what you think?”

How to Approach W Prospects: Demand them! Give them an order!

How to Follow-Up

  1. Tools
  2. Set specific time for meeting
  3. Confirm meeting morning of the meeting

There is never a bad prospect, just the wrong time for right prospect.

Script for Prospects that “Disappear”

“Hi, (Prospect’s Name), this is (Your Name) and I haven’t heard back from you. I just want to let you know that our relationship means more than anything in the world and I don’t want my business to get in the way. If you are interested, then great! If you are not interested, it’s still okay. But please let me know. I just want to be friends and be able to hang out and don’t want my business to make you feel awkward. Let me know.”

How to Handle Objections

  1. Listen
  2. Don’t argue
  3. Ask questions

More information is not better, people will think you are lying because they think you are just trying to get them in the business.

What the prospects say is true. Learn to ask questions and get them to say what you would have told them.

MLM Objection: Is this MLM?

  1. Absolutely! What do you know about the industry?
  2. Have you been involved before. Can you let me know your experience?
  3. It may not have worked in the past, but as an industry, do you think MLM works?
  4. a. Have you heard of Amway? How long has Amway been around? (Over 50 years) If the industry does not work, how can Amway have been around for over 50 years. b. If the industry doesn’t work, how come they are always so many different network marketing companies around?
  5. What do you think it takes for someone to be successful?
  6. If I can show you (fill in the blank with what they told you in the question) would you be open to taking a look.

Selling the training is more important then selling the products or the company.

How to Close Your6 Prospects: Ask!

What can I do to help you get started?

What do you like best about what you saw?

6 Figure Close: Ask Anyone after Presentations

  1. Do you want to make more money?
  2. Can you see how this business helps you make more money?
  3. When is the best time for you to make more money?

Great, let’s get you started!

When you ask a question; the first person to speak loses? Prospect need to speak after you ask a question, even if there is a pause.

Hope this helps!!

Dominique D.