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Unleash the Power of the Subconscious Mind-Simon Chan- MY NOTES


The subconscious mind plays a big part of your success in prospecting.

What is the Subconscious Mind?

  1. It is your autopilot
  2. It is way more powerful than the conscious mind
  3. You need both the subconscious mind and conscious mind
  4. Subconscious Mind does all the hard work

Feeding the Subconscious Mind

  1. It absorbs all of your surroundings.
  2. If you feed your mind junk, you will get junk results.
  3. If you nourish it with positivity, it will bring you success.
  4. Feed it positive images

Mental Diet- Go 30 days without watching TV nor reading the news.

Would you be confident as a leader if you are reading about negative things. Also, don’t engage in gossip or talk negatively about others.

Subconscious Mind works best when:

  1. Consistent Daily Action
  2. Consistent Time- Prospect at a consistent time
  3. Consistent Place- Prospect at a consistent location
  4. Consistent Routine
  5. Clear Vision- think in pictures, not in words. Think about what being a diamond director would look like.

Importance of Vision

  • Vision is a “Target” for your Subconscious MInd
  • The clearer the vision, the more effective the Subconscious Mind will be.
  • Don’t worry about How it will happen.
  • Your vision must be supported with Action
  • You MUST see yourself successful already

If 90% of Americans don’t want to do network marketing, that still leaves 10% and that is still $30 million people.

– You never know how the subconscious works, but if your vision (target) is clear, you will get to your destination.

What the Conscious Mind Must Do

The conscious mind had to work hand in hand to complement the subconscious.


-Focus on Your Goals Daily

-See yourself being successful

-Commit to daily 5 Core Production Activities:

  1. Marketing-building new connections
  2. Talk to new prospects
  3. Follow-up with old prospects
  4. Self-Development
  5. Talk to Team

You MUST do these 5 activities EVERYDAY!

The Foundation for Sponsoring Success-Simon Chan- My Notes Part 2


Your income is the average of the 5 people who you are around the most.

You must be consistent to do this business. Set the time and the amount of hours you want to work your business and do that DAILY. Prospect every day.

Everyone who stays in this business 5 years and does it consistently with the same company will be successful.

Simon’s Turning Point

  1. Prospecting everday
  2. 5/5/3- talk to warm market & leads
  3. Simon hid in his mom’s den and made calls. He was fearful of his mom listening to how he sounded making calls. He thought he sounded bad at first when he was new to prospecting, but overcome the fear, the more he did it.
  4. Self-Development

Read “Secrets to Closing the Sale” by Zig Ziglar

After 42 people, Simon got his first sign up. On average, if you talk to 100 people, at least 1 will sign up, so this was pretty good for him. Keep track of your numbers!

However, his first sign up never attended meetings, never replied back to his emails and quit after 2 months.

The turning point for Simon Chan was prospecting EVERYDAY!

Simon’s original sponsor was not really a leader. One day, his sponsor came to him and told him that the Ruby Director (Steve) in the company would be training Simon. He meets with the Steve and says he is so serious about building his business. But 2 hours later, Simon has a picnic with his girlfriend. Steve calls him and is appalled that he is having a picnic and not working the business. Steve told Simon that you have to work hard and told him that he didn’t deserve to work with him. Steve told him that if you are not doing 5,5,3, you are not serious. You have to work until you get your income goal. Steve would call him to ask what he was doing and Simon would not be working the business when the he would call him. Steve was teaching him for free, but he was getting on Simon’s nerves with his constant calling. Simon realized that Simon was the problem and not Steve. Eventually, when Steve would call, Simon would be happy because he was working his business. Simon did 3-way calls with Steve and his business took off. Meanwhile, his original sponsor quits and eventually gets terminated.

Your Magic Number: The number of people you need to talk to before you reach your financial goal. Example: If Michelle wanted to make $100,000, she needs to talk to 5,000 people to get to that goal. If Guillermo talked to one person a day, it would take 10 years to make $100,000. If he talked to 20 people a day, he could make $100,000 in 250 days.

Another way to reach $100,000 faster is to improve your sponsoring skills. Michelle could make $100,000 by talking to 1,000 people if she had better skills.

Two Things to Bring Your Magic Number Down

  1. Talk to more people
  2. Work on Self-Development