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Unleash the Power of the Subconscious Mind-Simon Chan- MY NOTES


The subconscious mind plays a big part of your success in prospecting.

What is the Subconscious Mind?

  1. It is your autopilot
  2. It is way more powerful than the conscious mind
  3. You need both the subconscious mind and conscious mind
  4. Subconscious Mind does all the hard work

Feeding the Subconscious Mind

  1. It absorbs all of your surroundings.
  2. If you feed your mind junk, you will get junk results.
  3. If you nourish it with positivity, it will bring you success.
  4. Feed it positive images

Mental Diet- Go 30 days without watching TV nor reading the news.

Would you be confident as a leader if you are reading about negative things. Also, don’t engage in gossip or talk negatively about others.

Subconscious Mind works best when:

  1. Consistent Daily Action
  2. Consistent Time- Prospect at a consistent time
  3. Consistent Place- Prospect at a consistent location
  4. Consistent Routine
  5. Clear Vision- think in pictures, not in words. Think about what being a diamond director would look like.

Importance of Vision

  • Vision is a “Target” for your Subconscious MInd
  • The clearer the vision, the more effective the Subconscious Mind will be.
  • Don’t worry about How it will happen.
  • Your vision must be supported with Action
  • You MUST see yourself successful already

If 90% of Americans don’t want to do network marketing, that still leaves 10% and that is still $30 million people.

– You never know how the subconscious works, but if your vision (target) is clear, you will get to your destination.

What the Conscious Mind Must Do

The conscious mind had to work hand in hand to complement the subconscious.


-Focus on Your Goals Daily

-See yourself being successful

-Commit to daily 5 Core Production Activities:

  1. Marketing-building new connections
  2. Talk to new prospects
  3. Follow-up with old prospects
  4. Self-Development
  5. Talk to Team

You MUST do these 5 activities EVERYDAY!

My MLM Journey So Far…

Singing an aria or song in front of a crowd was a piece a cake compared to talking to people on the phone or in person. I felt alot like Dorothy in “The Wiz” when it came to network marketing. I was scared!!

Hello, My name is Dominique Duarte and I am a  performer, music teacher, and a network marketer. There I said it. This was not easy for me to say. I have been in network marketing for awhile, but my fears have really held me back. It’s funny because a few of my closest friends, who I talk to regularly had no idea I had been doing network marketing until last week. That is how you know your fear is strong because you don’t even mention it to your best friends. I was scared and I didn’t know how people would perceive my new business venture. I cared what people thought and it hindered my progress in this industry.

When I graduated college, I had a hard time finding a job, so I decided to sell insurance. I liked the idea of a large income for hard work, but I didn’t have the confidence. A woman at the insurance company was a Mary Kay distributor and she pressured me into joining Mary Kay. I really did say “No”, but she would not take it for an answer and I wasn’t great at standing up for myself, so I signed up. This type of recruiting is not the best way to get prospects to join your team by the way. I didn’t really wear much make-up and I dropped out of the company and got a full refund for my products. During this time I had no idea that Mary Kay was network marketing. I was 23 and I didn’t know what network marketing was at all.

At the end of that same year, I was introduced to another company and this time I found out what network marketing was. There was nothing wrong with this company, except that to really get in the business for real you needed to pay $1500, plus tax. I tried selling many things to get this money and I did not get enough. I ended up getting in as silver and not gold. I stayed in this company for about a year, but I didn’t do much activity. I was scared and I just didn’t know how to talk to people. I will say that the company I joined did teach me about personal development and I did begin reading books and I have probably been reading those books for about a year now.

Earlier this year, my friend, now my sponsor, introduced me to a company relatively new to the United States. I thought this company had a better variety of products and I tried the flagship product and it worked. I thought “Sure I will join this company and it will be great, I just have to share my story.” Wrong. I was still scared and it wasn’t that easy for me to tell other people about my testimony. It was even harder to tell my family and friends because I really feared talking to them about this business for fear of rejection.

Meanwhile, I had started my own business teaching vocal lessons. I got a part-time teaching job through my business and I was making enough to support myself, which was great. I had experienced working for other people when I worked temporarily as a full-time public school teacher and it was awful. When I experienced having my own business, I realized that I don’t want to work for other people. However, my small business will never let me be financially free. If I miss a check or two or an emergency happens, I don’t have too much money left over.

I really believed in network marketing, and the company, but I didn’t believe in myself. When you don’t believe in yourself, it doesn’t matter what company you join, you will not have much success.

The Game changer occurred for me, when I was hired to perform in Little Rock this summer at a professional dinner theatre. It gave me a chance to get away from home, which I hadn’t done since I had graduated college and it gave me free time to work on myself. I read that it takes 21 days to create a new habit. So I worked on 5 small habits, including calling 2 people a day to see how they were doing and did it for 21 days. Now, I have been doing this for 39 days and it gave me the courage to begin doing launch calls for my business. This required contacting my family and friends and this was the scariest thing for me to do, and it wasn’t easy, but I did it and that means that I can do this business. MLM is about overcoming your fears, so you can help other people overcome their fears and by the grace of God, I will be successful at this and help others do the same so they can be financially free.

I hope this gives you courage to overcome your fears!

Dominique Duarte

First Steps to Wealth-Dani Johnson- MY NOTES Part 2


Personality Gems

Sapphires– they are motivated by fun and they like socializing. Tell them to meet you 30 minutes earlier than you need because they tend to be late.

Pearls– they are motivated by helping other people. They are very thoughtful and sympathetic, nurturing and patient, have the gifts of mercy and service. Sense when someone is being fake, appreciates personal touch, but has to stop supporting the wrong people and allow them to deal with their own consequences. They are the best listeners.

Emeralds-they are motivated by facts and figures, they are punctual, orderly, and super-organized. They are weak in communication, can be judged as insensitive and cold-hearted, usually asks why, are perfectionists and want to figure out everything before they start, which can be a hindrance to their success. They are analytical, fact-based and can be more productive if they remember it is not about perfection, it is about getting the job done with results. They keep their word.

Rubies– they are motivated by challenges and like the best of everything; very outspoken and very bold; very direct and to the point; very productive and get more done in one day than anybody else, not afraid of taking risks, has to be number one.

Sharing Ideas with Gems


  • Keep it upbeat and keep it simple.
  • Love to meet face to face
  • Keep everything positive
  • Allow them to experience the product


  • Talk to them face to face or over the phone.
  • Make appointment on their turf
  • Tell them how something helps them or their family
  • Tell stories and listen
  • Ask if they have questions, keep control of the converstaion


  • Have all materials and information available to them; phone email and websites are best.
  • Tell stories of who had favorable results with your product, service or idea.


  • Be sharp and concise, fast
  • Tell why it its the best
  • Offer short testimonials
  • Be results oriented
  • Keep putting their goals in front of them.

Employee-preneur– invest their heart and souls into the job. Mindset that they want to get paid for results. You grow in a job by influencing the people around you, not just the customers, but the people you work with as well. Everyone sells; edify your employers and co-workers.

Change your mindset and contribute to your company. 98% of people wait for their work to bring them satisfaction. 2% of people find satisfaction by giving their work their best. Influence your Environment, solve problems, increase your value, do not think of your work as just a job, you are a partner on a team and you want the team to be successful.

Start as an Entrepreneur: Ask questions and encourage the prospects to talk about themselves. Find people who have what you want and do what they do.

Law #11: The Law of Decision– There is something powerful that takes place in you when you get to the point of making a decision and following through with it. It’s when we leave room for excuses that we fail.

Law #12: The Law of Action– When you immediately follow your decisions with action, a funnel of favor begins. Doors open, action is now.

Honor Your Prospects: Honor them by FORMING them; getting them to talk about themselves and listening. Make them feel special and important. The script needs to put focus on the prospect. Ask questions.

Control the Conversation: When you give your clients what they want, they give you what you want; more business. Let them sell you rather than you sell them.

Sell the Results: You have to create results and then your reputation will spread.

Start where you are: You do not have to love what you do, start where you are. Teachability is key to long-lasting success as an entrepreneur.

Change your Environment: You are influenced by your environment; surround yourself with success-minded people who will help you grow between poverty and wealth.

How you manage your home and household is how you’ll manage your company. Continually invest in your skills because you never know when you might have to launch a new business. When starting a business, you are volunteering your time.

Focus on Results: Have a “no excuse” mindset. If you produce results, you raise your value, which means you raise your pay. Drive is actually getting it done and getting it done NOW.

Recruiting with Facebook with Guest Terry Gremaux on Ray Higdon Webinar


7 Ways to Seduce Your Perfect Prospect to Get Endless Leads & Sales

-How to attract the perfect prospect to you?

-Never ever run out of leads

-No more cold-market

-Draw ready to buy prospects to me

-What not to do on Facebook that is hurting on.

-Get Complete Guide to Social Media Marketing

Facebook Posts

-No Link

-Take a quote & give it your opinion.

-Always ask a question for engagement

-Ask them to send you a PM.

-Portray the lifestyle others want

Create Engagement with Posts

-Reach out to your links

-Reach out to your comments

-Reach out to anyone who hits my page

-Reply back to comments as well.

Keep Inbox Full

-Ask curiosity grabbing questions. “I just lost 10 pounds in 32 days & I feel great! PM ME if you’d like to know how I did it.”

– No Links!!

-Find a Facebook group to match your audience/prospect

-Comment with the administrator.

-Generally then you can message everybody else.

-Create Videos

-Introduce yourself

-Ask a question

-Answer that question

-CTA- Call to Action

-Simple on your phone

Attraction Blueprint

-Have a great profile.

-Sexy about section

-Post great engaging fun stuff

-Create interaction

-Have value on your page that leads to a sale or a lead.

-Make lots of money!!