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The Invite: How to talk to your list-Simon Chan- MY NOTES


The Invite- How to invite your prospects to listen to your opportunity.

What is the Invite?

-The Invite is how you approach or contact a prospect and ask them to learn about your network marketing business.

-The Invite is the most fundamental skill that you must learn.

-You don’t need to be good in “sales” to make your first check or learn how to present.

-But you do need to know what to say to your contacts.

What the Invite is NOT!

-The Invite is NOT presenting.

-The Invite is NOT convincing your prospects to join or buy your products.

What the Invite is…

The Invite is simply letting others know that you are in business.

You contact them with the SOLE purpose of inviting them to listen to a presentation from ANOTHER SOURCE- (upline leader, webinar, hotel meeting, 1 on 1.)

-Inviting to a meeting (or phone call) with your team member.

-Team member will do the talking and presenting

-You are selling the Meeting ( or phone calls)

NOT a Sales Business

-The More you talk, the more you Lose

-Make the business simple

-Use your team

Purpose of the Invite

  1. Use your team
  2. Watch your team present
  3. This is how you learn

The Invite is letting people know you are in business.

Your network is your net worth! Your Contact List is your most valuable asset.

2 Truths to Network Marketing

  1. You know who you know..
  2. You don’t know who they know that you know.

You are ONLY 1 or 2 people away from the superstar!

Your Million Dollar Business- One of Simon’s secrets to success is that he’s always treated his network marketing business like a Million Dollar Business.

Sowing Seeds– The Invite is Sowing Seeds. Your goal is to simply spread the seed and only some will grow into oak trees.

5 Common Mistakes

  1. Exclude people on their contact list
  2. Include only close friends who they “think” will do the business on their contact list.
  3. They approach contact list with goal to sponsor everyone.
  4. They sell the business and not the meeting
  5. Approach every prospect the same way.

Never Exclude Anyone on your list!

-Often, your closest friends and family members will NOT be interested in the business.

– You NEVER know who will be interested in the business.

-You never know who you may be referred to.

-Many of your future leaders will be acquaintances that you do not know well!!

-Friends of Friends is how we meet most people; chances are your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend is NOT someone you grew up with.

-Same applies to network marketing. Your leaders will be friends of friends.

-The Invite is letting people know you are in business. Purpose is NOT to force or convince everyone to join.

-Sell the Meeting and NOT the business.

-Purpose of The Invite is to setup 3-way call with your upline leader.

What Happens when you “Sell” the Business?

  1. Your prospects are turned off because you talk too much.
  2. Your prospects are turned off because of your lack of experience (you can’t present in a professional manner and you can’t answer questions well.)
  3. You will get nervous (because you have to “present” and “sell”) and you make the business “scary” because prospects think they have to do the same thing.
  4. Your prospects are turned off because they think they have to sell like you.

What about if you are good at selling?

-Even if you are good at selling, you do NOT present.

-Your prospects will think they have to do the same & reality is no one likes to sell.

-You make business seem too “hard”

-Prospects always duplicate their experience.

-Prospects are always thinking, “Can I do this?”

How Marketing Works

You must speak to different audiences differently.

Different audiences have different interests.

You MUST talk to different people differently.

S.O.W. SYSTEM: How to effectively Invite your 3 type of prospects.

S Prospect- People who are more successful than you. You look up to them.

O Prospect- People on the same level as you

W Prospect- People who want to be like you or worse than you.

Which group of people will grow your business the fastest? The ‘S” Prospect

4 Reasons Why You Talk to the S First

  1. The S prospects are open minded and won’t be negative
  • They may not join you, but they will always find a few minutes to listen
  • Also, even if they don’t join, they will never be negative and make fun of you. They will most likely be supportive that you are taking action and doing something to make your life better.
  • Often the negativity comes from the W prospect of the O prospect and that’s why they are stuck where they are in life and why the S are successful.

2. The S prospects are well connected and knows tons of people so even if they don’t join you, they may give you referrals if you ask them.

3. If the S do happen to join. You may have found a superstar. The S will help grow your business super fast because they are driven, smart and well connected.

4. Talking to S first will also give you the confidence to talk to others and that confidence will give you the posture to get the O’s & W’s to follow you.

How to Communicate during the Invite?

-The key to communicating with your prospects is to have




-Promote your upline or team

The best part of the S.O.W. system is that you don’t need to memorize exact words or scripts.

Effective Presentation Formula

Your prospects basically want to learn only 5 things:

  1. Industry
  2. Company
  3. Products
  4. Money
  5. Training

Open Ended Questions- Simon Chan-MY NOTES


Open Ended Questions

-What have you found so far?

-What are some qualities you look for?

-The best way to be natural when talking to people is to imagine you do not work in network marketing. Ask yourself if you weren’t in network marketing, how would you talk to this person?

-Important Rule: When you ask a question, do not break the silence, let there be silence.

-1st person to talk after a question is asked LOSES.

-You ask a question because you want the prospect to think and make a decision. But when you say anything to break up the silence, you basically tell the prospect that they don’t need to make a decision and take action. Prospect loses respect for you.

-Remember, we are NOT manipulating the prospect because we believe our business and products help people and we are out there helping others.

-We ask prospects questions to get them to talk and take action. Often they can be uncomfortable questions, but they make prospects think about their lives and change ( we make their lives better).

Don’t Interrogate- 3 Sentence Formula; Share 2-3 sentences of personal things related to subject and end with a question.

Ray Higdon Tips on How to Become a Top Earner

ray higdon

Part 1: What you need to know BEFORE you prospect anyone.

  1. Consider this a long-term career- You have to think about Network Marketing as an actual career. It is not a get rich quick or a lottery ticket; it is a profession.
  2. You are NOT easily persuaded by the opinions of others.
  3. Embrace a daily routine

Part 2: How to Start with your Prospecting!

-You are going to have to get alot of No’s. You will have to get used to rejection.

-You don’t make money getting ready to get ready. You have to be willing to get out there and imperfectly move forward.

Warm Market

-Are your circle of friends business people? Does your warm market come to you for business advice? Tell them, “Hey, I’m doing this thing, I think it my be a fit for you, check it out.”

-If so, you are going to have an easy road to recruiting because they will listen to anything you say. However this is not duplicatable because most people don’t have those type of connections.

-At some point, you will get team members, who do not have those types of connections. If you are limited to teaching your recruits warm market, you are going to take people who could have had success and they will quit.

-If you have been in other companies, do not give warm market the money message. They won’t listen, they are burnt out. Say, “I know you have 0 interest in the business, but I think you might like the product.”

Cold Market

  1. There will always be more cold market than warm market. Always more people that you don’t know than you do know.
  2. Even if you have an amazing warm market, you are going to recruit people who don’t have a great warm market. If you are limited to teaching your recruits warm market, you are going to take people who could have had success and they will quit.
  3. Cold Market does not know your history.

Ray Higdon’s favorite line for cold market: “Hey, I got to jump on this conference call, but I’m just curious would you be open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you are doing?” Never say “Are you interested?”

-Prospect will ask “What is it?” Say, I’d be more than happy to let you know what it is, but unfortunately I have this conference call (you have to go do something). But let me get your information and I’ll follow up with you to see if this is a fit for you or not.

-If prospect says, “What is it? I won’t give you my number unless I know what it is.” You will say, “I got to jump on this conference call, if you don’t want me to take your information, it’s totally cool, have a nice day, it was good seeing you.” Don’t let cold market push you around.