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MLM Daily Routine- Ray Higdon

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Ray Higdon, a top earner in network marketing, shared his daily routine for building his MLM business and it is listed below:

  1. Create one piece of content each day, article, video or blog.
  2. Spend 30 minutes per day on sales and marketing training
  3. Spend 30 minutes per day on mindset training
  4. Write affirmations everyday
  5. Meditate everyday
  6. Make 20 Connections with other human beings each day

Hope this helps you with you business!

Dominique Duarte

20/30 Vision: Recruiting 20 people in 30 Days Part One

Go ProEric Worre is one of the biggest names in the network marketing industry and his book Go Pro has become a very popular read as well. I ordered it this weekend and I am excited to begin reading it soon. While waiting for my book to arrive, I watched a few videos by network marketing professionals and came across Eric Worre’s video on How to Recruit 20 people in 30 Days. This is what I learned from his video so far.

Two of the biggest myths in Network Marketing are “slow & steady win the race” and “just don’t quit and you will make big money in network marketing”. Slow and steady wins the race is a great philosophy in society, but not in this industry.

Mr. Worre presented the following numbers to show the difference between pushing hard in a short period of time and going slow and steady over a long period of time.

Slow & Steady vs. Recruiting 20 people in 30 Days

Slow & Steady– Recruit 1 person a month for 20 months & the following will probably happen:

Out of those 20 recruits, 8 people will do something, 4 people will look like leaders in 90 days, and 1 (rare) leader will be contributing to 90% of your income within a year. After 5 years, 0 major leaders will be contributing to 90% of your income.

Recruiting 20 people in 30 Days– Out of those 20 recruits, 12 people will do something, 8 will disappear or quit. Out of those 12 people doing something, 8 people will look like leaders in 90 Days. Within 12 months, you will only have 4 leaders generating 90% of your income. Within 5 years, 4 people will turn into 2 leaders.

Basically, network marketing is all about the numbers and if you really want to change your circumstances financially, you must give this a 100 percent of your effort. I didn’t say give it 100 percent of your time. You should keep your current job until you can match your current income. You can work this business part-time or work it full-time if you want to. But whether you are working full-time or part-time, you must give 100 percent of your effort to make your business successful. Success loves speed and if you really work your business, you will see results.

Most six-figure network marketers recruited about 20 people in 30 days at least once in their career. The millionaires in this business recruited 20 people in 30 days multiple times in their career.

Now let’s address the “just don’t quit and you will make big money in network marketing” myth. There are millions of network marketers who stay in MLM, but they are making very little money if any at all. A burst of energy in a short period of time gives you the momentum to get your business off the ground, and is also known as a 90 Day Run.  Since your recruits will follow your work ethic, it is crucial that you give your best and teach them to do the same. You definitely should not quit network marketing, but just because you stay with your company long term doesn’t mean you will make big money if you are giving little effort. It’s just like one of the rules I have in my music class for my students, “Always give your best effort and your best attitude.” This should work for you and your business as well. And that is all for now. Here is a link to the video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JV_f8axBZCA.