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Understanding What Your Prospects are Actually Buying-Simon Chan-MY NOTES


People Buy You Because

  1. They know you
  2. They like you
  3. They trust you

Letting People Know You

If you have a growing team, communicate with them through newsletters or weekly emails. In communication, there are 3 types of communication:

  • Relevant (related to topic)- 30%
  • Irrelevant (not related topic)- 60%
  • Sales-motivate to buy something- 10%

Share something that is irrelevant first, so you can catch their interest. Then, show the relevant content and then do the sales. Don’t start with sales because people don’t want to talk to you. Keep it fun because people don’t like to join boring things.

Importance of Self Concept

  1. Your confidence
  2. What you think of yourself
  3. Where you see yourself going
  4. The positivity you emit

Prospecting All Starts with You!

  • No Excuses
  • Get yourself to a happy and good mood
  • Law of Attraction (think of what you want)
  • Visualize your success

Why should you be happy? Because Your Prospects Want to Buy!

Prospecting Rule: Everyone Likes to Buy Things

It all starts with Mindset.

The better you feel about yourself, the more prospects will become attracted to you because you have a greater self-concept (confidence, feelings, positive energy).

When is the best time to make a sale? Immediately after you made a sale because you are feeling good and your self concept is at an all time high. Your confidence will be higher and people will be attracted to that. When you are confident, there is an increase in trust.

3 Doubts in Your Prospects Minds

  1. Is this for real?
  2. Can I do this?
  3. Will you help me?

It all starts with attitude. The better you feel, the better you do. Get yourself into a happy mind!

Quick & Easy Ways to Increase Your Self Concept

-Do something that makes you feel good before you prospect

-Take action & prospect immediately

-Do this exercise: Pound your fist and say “I am the best!” 10 times in a row

-Have a smile when talking on the phone

-You have more energy when you are standing up

Long-Term Ways to Increase Your Self Concept

How to Increase Your Self Concept

-Reflect on your past successes

-Listen to motivational audios

-Read about other success stories

-Attend Events- Go to your training sessions, talk to other successful people

-Build your 4 beliefs

Build Your 4 Beliefs

-Belief in Industry

-Belief in Company

-Belief in Products

-Belief in Yourself

As your Beliefs increase, your confidence will increase and thus your self concept will increase.

Law of Attraction

What you think is what you get! You attract positive when you think positive. You attract negative when you think negative. Be careful what you feed your subconscious mind.

Always think the person is going to pick up the phone because if you think they will not pick up the phone, your energy will be lower and you sound caught of guard if they do answer the phone.

Don’t ask a prospect if they looked at the information. Ask the prospect what they like best about the information that you sent them.

First Steps to Wealth- Dani Johnson- MY NOTES Part 3


Three Ways to Grow Your Business

  1. Increase Exposure
  • You have to expose your products, services, ideas, or yourself. Wear forms of advertisement, such as t-shirts, wristbands, or hats.
  • Free Exposure- Make a personal list of resources and the list of resources of the people with whom you work. Talk to everyone you know and let them know about the business.
  • List you resources- Write a list with every person you have ever dealt with, contact them, FORM them to build rapport, and then let them know about the business you are offering. Never stop exposing. Use FORM for all customers to make them feel important.

2. Increase Conversions

  • The Close- always ask a closing question after a presentation.
  • Never ask ” Do you have any questions?”
  • Control the Conversation- Ask strategic questions. You only want those who want to be there.
  • Ask “What did you like about what you just heard?” Say “Tell me more about that.” Next, “So where do you see yourself getting started?”
  • Track you numbers: Check to see how many people you talked to or presented to.
  • Track your objections: Work on handling the same objections. Use script book and script book supplemental.
  • Follow-up- Write thank you cards, continue to FORM. Send them referrals for their business.

3. Increase Scalability

  • Duplication: Train your staff to take over while you go develop part of your business.
  • Have a system: Needs to be simple to duplicate.
  • Develop leaders: if they are thriving, they will expose your business in a positive way.

Prioritize Your Time for Profits

  • Spend 80% of your time getting new business
  • Spend 19% of your time cultivating that business.
  • Spend 1% of your time for problem solving.