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21 Days of Habits


I read that it takes 21 days to create a new habit, so I have finally been able to create a system to create small changes in my life. I posted this list in my room where I could see it everyday.

Starting July 14th, I began 5 small habits, and did them for 21 days.

  1. Read devotional and pray.
  2. Say my daily affirmation
  3. Call 2 people a day to develop a relationship
  4. Post daily to Craigslist about my business
  5. Watch a Ted Talk

After I had done this for 21 days, I kept doing them, and then I decided to add 2 more things on August 10th. This is 21 Days Part 2.

  1. Read devotional and pray
  2. Say my daily affirmation
  3. Call 2 people a day to develop a relationship
  4. Post daily to Craigslist about my business
  5. Watch a Ted Talk
  6. Blog My Notes Daily
  7. Post to Facebook daily, like and comment on my news feed, send 10 messages to 10 friends. Like and comment on the MLM Business page as well.

After August 30th, I will add a couple more things. So basically every 21 days, I will add something new to the list of things to do. This method of creating new habits will develop my network marketing business, but will always help me in several different areas of my life. It will change my career in musical theatre, my health, my relationships with other people, my spiritual life, and my overall confidence in myself. I think this method is great for anyone who wants to make changes in their lives.

I suggest you start small and continually add on new habits every 21 days. Mark your calendar with X’s each day that you do the activities on your list and don’t break the chain.

If you want to make major changes in your life, you will never just wake up one day and suddenly be different. You have to work on yourself daily to make permanent changes in your life. Focus on a few things at a time and don’t try to change everything at once.

I hope this helps!!

Dominique Duarte

Recruiting with Facebook with Guest Terry Gremaux on Ray Higdon Webinar


7 Ways to Seduce Your Perfect Prospect to Get Endless Leads & Sales

-How to attract the perfect prospect to you?

-Never ever run out of leads

-No more cold-market

-Draw ready to buy prospects to me

-What not to do on Facebook that is hurting on.

-Get Complete Guide to Social Media Marketing

Facebook Posts

-No Link

-Take a quote & give it your opinion.

-Always ask a question for engagement

-Ask them to send you a PM.

-Portray the lifestyle others want

Create Engagement with Posts

-Reach out to your links

-Reach out to your comments

-Reach out to anyone who hits my page

-Reply back to comments as well.

Keep Inbox Full

-Ask curiosity grabbing questions. “I just lost 10 pounds in 32 days & I feel great! PM ME if you’d like to know how I did it.”

– No Links!!

-Find a Facebook group to match your audience/prospect

-Comment with the administrator.

-Generally then you can message everybody else.

-Create Videos

-Introduce yourself

-Ask a question

-Answer that question

-CTA- Call to Action

-Simple on your phone

Attraction Blueprint

-Have a great profile.

-Sexy about section

-Post great engaging fun stuff

-Create interaction

-Have value on your page that leads to a sale or a lead.

-Make lots of money!!

Facebook for Network Marketing; Jim Lupkin and Brian Carter – MY NOTES


Facebook is part of your strategy, not the whole strategy. You also need the following:

-You need Passion

-You need People Skills

-You need Communication Skills: You must get your point across with the least possible amount of words. If he/she wants to become a customer, STOP TALKING! Talk with people face to face because it is more meaningful. Talk with people over the phone because your voice is unique and when people hear our voices, we strengthen relationships.

-Attend Company Events-Those who attend company events develop a different type of appreciation for the product and opportunity.

-Best Distributors start out as most passionate customers!

-Pursue Personal Development- Read, listen to audio, attend events and have a personal coach.

-Network Marketing is a numbers game; Understanding the numbers allows you to create a clear plan to success.

-1 out of every 20 people you talk to will become a distributor & 1 out of every 5 will become a customer.

Facebook Groups for MLM Business

Facebook Groups are more effective than Facebook Business Pages

Use group to communicate with your marketing team.

Invite people who show interest in the your business into the group.

When new in network marketing career, you haven’t developed the skills and experience to inspire and move large groups of people into action.

Start Facebook group once you have made full-time income from Network Marketing.

Stay engaged in current Facebook groups for your MLM company. Comment, like, share on the company page.

Facebook Profile

-Step 1: Getting to Know You: Keep same profile picture. Your picture is the brand for your business.

-Step 2: Beginning to Like You: Show personality through cover photo. Change your cover photo to keep current with your life. Don’t express political views through your cover photo.

-Step 3: Beginning to Trust You: Complete your About Section: Share work history, relationship status, favorite books, movies, etc.

I would suggest reading the book as well. Network Marketing for Facebook by Jim Lupkin & Brian Carter.

Hope this helps you!! Be Blessed

Dominique Duarte

Facebook Recruiting- from Ron Gelok


-Use Facebook tool to generate warm market

-Connect & Befriend

-Show the Lifestyle and sell the lifestyle to attract people to you

-Separating your profile is not necessary

-Beef up your Profile! Keep it Simple and Be yourself!

-Develop relationships, attract people to you by asking questions, using positive quotes, and pictures


-Do not post links to company or presentation.

-Don’t use words join, opportunity,

-Don’t be negative

-Do not use profile as marketing megaphones for your friends

Ask yourself the following:

-Who do I want to work with?

-Where do they hang out?

-What do they like?

-What do they read?

-Who are they?

What Good Prospects Look Like

-Active- responding to comments and likes.

-No Negative Nancy or Whining Willy

-Similar interests to you

-Stay away from politics

-Look for go-getters, leaders and those with more desire than excuses

-Check out different Facebook groups; such as Personal Growth groups

-Look up health & wellness groups- start up conversations,

-Look up groups, pages, and fan pages.

1st Opening Conversations

-Find a common interest, start a conversation

-Tell them why you found them or befriended them

-“Hey, would you be open to making some money on a side project if it didn’t interfere with work or school?”

-To get his/her phone number, say, “Facebook is kinda of personal, would you like to talk on the phone?”

When Do You Ask Them to Check out Your Business

-Do they have a need?

-Are they open?

-Different speeds and trust factors

-Goal is to get them to ask you what you do.