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Ray Higdon-Simplest Understanding of Making Money


How do you get more eyeballs on presentations? Make more calls or get offer in front of more people.

How to get more eyeballs

  1. Prospect Warm Market- Talk to Warm Market when we don’t care if they are going to sign up.
  2. Prospect Cold Market: The benefits are they don’t know my history; there is an unlimited amount of them.
  3. Prospect Online/Offline
  4. Prospecting & Marketing

Passive marketing- you do something that you hope an unknown person will react to it.

Market Offline- Use Drop cards, flyers, Decals, and Apparel

Marketing Online- Talking about your company online will turn people off; will lose the element of surprise; people will see negative comments, or end up joining under someone else, Do not market your company name online.

I would suggest reading Network Marketing for Facebook and other books about online network marketing to make sure you are doing it the right way.

Hope this helps your business! Be Blessed!

Dominique Duarte