Learning Self-Discipline & Time Management, YAY!


Self- Discipline is so important to be successful in life, but it can be difficult to accomplish at times, especially with bad time management. I have always been able to get tasks done sporadically and within deadlines, but my time management has never been the best. I began doing my daily habits in July, so now I have to begin to do them on a consistent time schedule, something that has always been a challenge for me.

A friend of mine suggested using my phone as a timer and an alarm to make sure I begin each daily activity on time and end each activity on time.  The use of a timer makes you move with more urgency to complete the task and when I remembered to use the timer, I was more efficient with completing my tasks.

Furthermore, network marketing involves setting appointments with prospects, cold calling, training your team, keeping up with your customers, and working your current full-time or part-time day job as well, so you really have to manage your time wisely.

It took self-discipline for me to do my daily habits consistently, but now that I am adding more habits, a lack of good time management can no longer be ignored. I have to not only get the tasks done before the end of the day, but I need to do them around the same time everyday, so that I can have a routine and get more things done in a shorter amount of time.

We all have the same amount of hours in a day to get our activities done and if we did them efficiently and with our full concentration, it wouldn’t take us as long to complete each task and we would have some free time to do what we wanted to do each day.

I did my cold calls everyday this week and when I used the timer I moved through the calls faster and could move on to the next task. However, I did not always begin the calls at the same time everyday and my goal this week is to start and end my cold calls at the same time every single day. A daily routine is really a great tool for any career, not just network marketing. I think that a daily routine gives you structure to your day so that you can give yourself time to get the important things done and also take time for yourself. Many times, we want to do the fun things first, but if we have a schedule, we can get the important things done and then do the fun things. Remember that self-discipline will not happen overnight, but you do have to challenge yourself in small areas of your life in order to make a major change over time.

Hope this helps!!

Dominique Duarte

Overcoming Fear- Fear is Fake!


Hello Future Leaders,

I wanted to let you know that I decided to blog once a week for now and I will post every Sunday.  So far, I have posted many notes on my blog from webinars, books, and audios from top MLM earners. However,  I am going to make my blog more personal and document my journey to becoming a six-figure earner within a year and a 7-figure earner within two years. In this post, I will discuss FEAR.

One of my friend’s said that Fear is Fake. I had never heard this before, but I think fear is in your mind. I have constant fear, especially when talking to people, but I always feel better when I push myself out of my comfort zone. When I push past the fear, I usually feel more confident in myself and feel like I have accomplished something. But, even after proving to myself that I can talk to new people, I still have fear the next time I talk to someone new.

I teach private voice lessons and I notice that every time I go teach a voice lesson, I am nervous and fearful. Talking to people can bring so much fear in me because I care so much about what people think about me. However, I am learning that if I begin to focus more on the other person and less on myself, talking to people won’t be so scary. Network Marketing is really about helping other people so that lesson about focusing on the other person when talking is essential to building my business.

In network marketing, many top earners have done cold calls and one of the greatest techniques to deal with rejection when cold calling is to go for No’s daily. You set a goal of how many No’s you will get face-to-face or over the phone everyday. Ray Higdon went for 20 No’s a day and began earning $10,000 a month within 6 months of using this strategy.

During the last two weeks, I have been doing 20 to 30 No’s, but I have done them sporadically and not daily. I started off doing 30 No’s, then did 15 No’s on a couple days and a did 20 No’s a couple times this week. I sold some products and got many people who wanted to take a look at my business, including someone who I am meeting tomorrow evening.

Now, I do have to acknowledge that I wouldn’t have been making these calls at all even a month ago, so this is a start and you have to start somewhere. These are great results, but I am still letting my fear control my actions because I am not doing my No’s daily. I will make excuses in my mind, but it is really my fear taking over. I want to be successful like many people, who want to be successful! FEAR is the only thing standing in my way and other people’s way of reaching our full potential. If I want to take my business to the next level, I have to overcome my fear not once, not a few times, but DAILY. I never realized this before, but people who become successful in life have to overcome their fears over and over again. Successful people are always pushing themselves out of their comfort zone on a daily basis and are taking risks that most people will not take. The world can open some wonderful doors to those you knock on them. I have knocked on some doors, but I just have to do it consistently and with confidence.

Hope this helps you!!

Dominique Duarte

Believing in Yourself


I have been reciting my daily affirmation for days and it is pretty much memorized, but there is one part I keep forgetting every time and it is the believing in myself and other people part. I think my belief in myself is beginning to manifest in my conscious mind, but my subconscious mind is still trying to receive the message that I believe in myself. I have done my 30 No’s a day for two days and I have had some success with these calls. I really do believe in network marketing, I believe in my network marketing company, but I have to also believe in myself too. It is easy to feel on top of the world when things are going well, but true belief in yourself comes when you continue to believe in yourself when dealing with fear or adversity.

I am so scared and nervous when I make my calls, but I have to do it in order to be successful. I am still learning to overcome fear and adversity and honestly, it can be difficult. I have days when I feel like my belief in myself is non-existent. There will be days like this, but the key is not to stay in that negative head space for too long. One of my friends told me to write down 50 things that I was grateful for and I am still working on that list. She suggested reading it once a week to keep things in prospective. I challenge you to write 50 things that you are grateful for and read them once week. When you don’t feel like believing in yourself, read a devotional, pray to the Lord and talk to him like a friend. I am learning to talk to the Lord like a friend and it helps me so maybe it will help you. The Lord believes in you so you should believe in you too!

21 Days Part 3: Time to add a few new habits to MY LIFE!


Another 21 days has come and gone and now it is time to add a few more things to my daily task list.

From September 14th-October 4th, my daily tasks will be the following:

  1. Read Devotional, journal, and pray
  2. Recite Daily Affirmation
  3. Call 2 people a day to develop relationship
  4. Post daily to craigslist about my business
  5. Listen to MLM Nation
  6. Blog Daily
  7. Post to Facebook daily, like and comment on my news feed, send 10 messages to 10 friends. Like and comment on my MLM Business page as well.
  8. Exercise 30 minutes a day
  9. Go for 30 No’s a day
  10. Acting: Work on my monologues for auditions

The tasks in Bold are the new tasks for the next 21 Days. What started as 5 new habits two months ago is going to grow to 10 within the next 21 days. This is what it takes to make changes in your life. Work on the small things a little at a time and you will see changes. You have to take action to make yourself be the person you want to be!

Hope this helps!!

Dominique Duarte

The Invite: How to talk to your list-Simon Chan- MY NOTES


The Invite- How to invite your prospects to listen to your opportunity.

What is the Invite?

-The Invite is how you approach or contact a prospect and ask them to learn about your network marketing business.

-The Invite is the most fundamental skill that you must learn.

-You don’t need to be good in “sales” to make your first check or learn how to present.

-But you do need to know what to say to your contacts.

What the Invite is NOT!

-The Invite is NOT presenting.

-The Invite is NOT convincing your prospects to join or buy your products.

What the Invite is…

The Invite is simply letting others know that you are in business.

You contact them with the SOLE purpose of inviting them to listen to a presentation from ANOTHER SOURCE- (upline leader, webinar, hotel meeting, 1 on 1.)

-Inviting to a meeting (or phone call) with your team member.

-Team member will do the talking and presenting

-You are selling the Meeting ( or phone calls)

NOT a Sales Business

-The More you talk, the more you Lose

-Make the business simple

-Use your team

Purpose of the Invite

  1. Use your team
  2. Watch your team present
  3. This is how you learn

The Invite is letting people know you are in business.

Your network is your net worth! Your Contact List is your most valuable asset.

2 Truths to Network Marketing

  1. You know who you know..
  2. You don’t know who they know that you know.

You are ONLY 1 or 2 people away from the superstar!

Your Million Dollar Business- One of Simon’s secrets to success is that he’s always treated his network marketing business like a Million Dollar Business.

Sowing Seeds– The Invite is Sowing Seeds. Your goal is to simply spread the seed and only some will grow into oak trees.

5 Common Mistakes

  1. Exclude people on their contact list
  2. Include only close friends who they “think” will do the business on their contact list.
  3. They approach contact list with goal to sponsor everyone.
  4. They sell the business and not the meeting
  5. Approach every prospect the same way.

Never Exclude Anyone on your list!

-Often, your closest friends and family members will NOT be interested in the business.

– You NEVER know who will be interested in the business.

-You never know who you may be referred to.

-Many of your future leaders will be acquaintances that you do not know well!!

-Friends of Friends is how we meet most people; chances are your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend is NOT someone you grew up with.

-Same applies to network marketing. Your leaders will be friends of friends.

-The Invite is letting people know you are in business. Purpose is NOT to force or convince everyone to join.

-Sell the Meeting and NOT the business.

-Purpose of The Invite is to setup 3-way call with your upline leader.

What Happens when you “Sell” the Business?

  1. Your prospects are turned off because you talk too much.
  2. Your prospects are turned off because of your lack of experience (you can’t present in a professional manner and you can’t answer questions well.)
  3. You will get nervous (because you have to “present” and “sell”) and you make the business “scary” because prospects think they have to do the same thing.
  4. Your prospects are turned off because they think they have to sell like you.

What about if you are good at selling?

-Even if you are good at selling, you do NOT present.

-Your prospects will think they have to do the same & reality is no one likes to sell.

-You make business seem too “hard”

-Prospects always duplicate their experience.

-Prospects are always thinking, “Can I do this?”

How Marketing Works

You must speak to different audiences differently.

Different audiences have different interests.

You MUST talk to different people differently.

S.O.W. SYSTEM: How to effectively Invite your 3 type of prospects.

S Prospect- People who are more successful than you. You look up to them.

O Prospect- People on the same level as you

W Prospect- People who want to be like you or worse than you.

Which group of people will grow your business the fastest? The ‘S” Prospect

4 Reasons Why You Talk to the S First

  1. The S prospects are open minded and won’t be negative
  • They may not join you, but they will always find a few minutes to listen
  • Also, even if they don’t join, they will never be negative and make fun of you. They will most likely be supportive that you are taking action and doing something to make your life better.
  • Often the negativity comes from the W prospect of the O prospect and that’s why they are stuck where they are in life and why the S are successful.

2. The S prospects are well connected and knows tons of people so even if they don’t join you, they may give you referrals if you ask them.

3. If the S do happen to join. You may have found a superstar. The S will help grow your business super fast because they are driven, smart and well connected.

4. Talking to S first will also give you the confidence to talk to others and that confidence will give you the posture to get the O’s & W’s to follow you.

How to Communicate during the Invite?

-The key to communicating with your prospects is to have




-Promote your upline or team

The best part of the S.O.W. system is that you don’t need to memorize exact words or scripts.

Effective Presentation Formula

Your prospects basically want to learn only 5 things:

  1. Industry
  2. Company
  3. Products
  4. Money
  5. Training

4 Personality Traits- Simon Chan-MY NOTES


4 Personality Traits

  1. Nurturer- relationship driven.
  2. Socializer- creative and fund driven
  3. Thinker- data driven
  4. Director- Goal and challenge driven

Make sure you listen to find out what personality they are. Give them what they want to hear and talk about it.


-Emphasize relationships and how to help others.


-Helping community

-Saving lives


-Emphasize business is a TON of fun!

-Meet new friends

-Go to new countries


-Give them the details

-Provide the data.

-Let them research


-If they can be successful elsewhere, could they do it in this business.

-Show them the opportunities

-Show them the lifestyle for recognition

Becoming a better communicator

-Posture & Confidence is created by Consistent Action!

-Rule of Communication -it is all about helping others!

Open Ended Questions- Simon Chan-MY NOTES


Open Ended Questions

-What have you found so far?

-What are some qualities you look for?

-The best way to be natural when talking to people is to imagine you do not work in network marketing. Ask yourself if you weren’t in network marketing, how would you talk to this person?

-Important Rule: When you ask a question, do not break the silence, let there be silence.

-1st person to talk after a question is asked LOSES.

-You ask a question because you want the prospect to think and make a decision. But when you say anything to break up the silence, you basically tell the prospect that they don’t need to make a decision and take action. Prospect loses respect for you.

-Remember, we are NOT manipulating the prospect because we believe our business and products help people and we are out there helping others.

-We ask prospects questions to get them to talk and take action. Often they can be uncomfortable questions, but they make prospects think about their lives and change ( we make their lives better).

Don’t Interrogate- 3 Sentence Formula; Share 2-3 sentences of personal things related to subject and end with a question.

Magnetic Communication Part 2-Simon Chan My Notes Part 2


Ways to Establish Commonality

  1. Similar interests
  2. Similar geography
  3. Age or Perception of Age
  4. Mirroring- Pace of Speech; Volume of Speech; Gestures; Assertiveness (Aggressive vs. passive)

The “Lunch” Secret

How to Become the “Most Interesting Person”

Talk less and the let the other person talk. You will be the most interesting person because you are probably one of the only people that let them talk about themselves.

If you ever go out to lunch, you eat first and ask them questions. Let them talk. Eat and listen and, look for clues. Find out what’s relevant and only present what’s relevant to them, then they can eat.

You as the ADVISOR!

-You are an advisor and your goal is to find the need of the prospect and how to help them.

-1st step is to LISTEN

-Listening and eating during lunch.

-2nd Step is to ask questions

-Ask open ended questions

Never Fight the Prospect

-Don’t try to convince them against something they don’t like.

-“A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.”

Disagree by Agree

-Agree with the prospect and let the prospect talk.

-Normally the more they talk, they will end up agreeing with what you wanted to tell them anyway.

-Provides opportunity for you to share about your business.

-If you say positive things about what people are doing, they will naturally bring up the negatives.

Magnetic Communication Part 1-Simon Chan: MY NOTES


Simon Chan tells about how he was really shy growing up and had a hard time communicating with people. I too, have struggled with talking to people. He even mentions that not taking the time to communicate and not listening when communicating is bad communication. I am guilty of both. I have gotten so caught up in my own world, that I didn’t take time to talk to people and when I did talk to people, I mostly talked about myself. It’s easy to talk about yourself, especially when that is who you spend most of your time with. I spent most of my time alone as a child, teen, and a young adult. I didn’t have many friends and it wasn’t because people didn’t like me. I think people liked me, but they didn’t really know me well. I didn’t give them a chance to know me and mostly, I didn’t take time to get to know them.

I began calling two people a day almost two months ago so I could ask people how they were doing. It seemed to make them feel good. The best communicators are those who listen to other people. I still make mistakes when talking to people. I catch myself rambling and I think it is a nervous habit because I want to be interesting to other people and I want them to like me. The reality is if I would listen to other people and let them talk, I would be the most interesting person to other people. I never thought about that until recently. Take time to listen to others because everyone just wants to be heard in this world. Listening is a skill and the only way to improve a skill is to practice it. In order to practice listening, you have to talk to more people throughout your day.

Communication Skills

Importance of Communication

-Good Communication: Leads to Happier Life; Better relationships

-Growing up shy & not able to communicate

-Poor Communication leads to problems and conflicts

-Poor Communication causes misunderstanding and judgement (not taking the time to communicate, not taking the time to “listen” when you communicate)

-Listening is the Key to Communication

-Best part of network marketing is it FORCES you to learn how to communicate

-Prospecting, sponsoring, and leading your team is all about communication

-Getting out of your comfort zone & learning to communicate

-Must learn basics of communication to prospect and build your network marketing business

-Basic Communication- you can talk to prospects

-As you get better- do presentations and trainings

-Using Communication Skills to inspire and help others in your community.

Basic Rules of Communication

-You Must really care about others.

-The best communicators are the best leaders.

-Prospecting is all about finding out about your prospects needs and how you can help them.

-Be a good listener, not a good talker

-Goal: Find any way to help someone, not necessarily just for your business. This forces you to listen more and provide value, especially when meeting new people. This also allows you to find the needs of a prospect and which prospect angle is best.

-Smile! Always smile, even when you are on the phone. People can “hear” the smile.

-Law of Attraction- you attract what you are. If you are happy and positive, those will be the prospects you attract.

-Never complain, nor gossip.

-Feeds negative energy into your mind and messes up your subconscious mind.

-If you are a negative person or tend to complain and gossip, no prospect will want to listen, nor join you!

Reading the Prospect

-Learn to read the prospect and find a prospects’ real concerns and needs.

-If a prospect is only interested in products, don’t go and talk business! (& vice versa)

-Ways to “read” the prospects:

  • Facial expressions
  • Words they say
  • How they say the words (tone, volume, speed)

You always want to read the prospect. Face to Face is Best; Phone is 2nd Best and emails and texting are terrible.


-Listening reveals what prospects’ real needs & concerns are

-Voice inflection: “I did not say John beat his wife” This sentence has 8 different meanings depending on voice inflection. (You’ll never be able to get this in an email or text)

-Always READ the prospect

-Goal is to find something to help them

-Must present something that fits THEIR interest

People Must Like You

-People buy from people they like,

-You must make prospects like you.

2 Ways to Get People to Like You

-Letting them talk and vent (be a good listener!)

-Establish commonality

Letting Others Talk & Vent

Everyone wants to feel important

Everyone wants to be heard

Everyone likes to talk

But the people they talk to ALWAYS want to talk and be heard. So there is always a conflict.

An immediate way to stand out and get someone to like you is to Let them talk!

Let them feel important.. hear them out.. let them vent.

The more they talk, the more they like you!

And remember, the MORE they like you, the greater the chance they will join you or buy your products.

Establish Commonality

-People like people who are in commonality, we gravitate towards people who are similar to us or have similar interests.

-So talk & share things that you have in common with prospect.

-But you Must Listen First!

-Talking about common things makes you a better communicator.

Understanding What Your Prospects are Actually Buying-Simon Chan-MY NOTES


People Buy You Because

  1. They know you
  2. They like you
  3. They trust you

Letting People Know You

If you have a growing team, communicate with them through newsletters or weekly emails. In communication, there are 3 types of communication:

  • Relevant (related to topic)- 30%
  • Irrelevant (not related topic)- 60%
  • Sales-motivate to buy something- 10%

Share something that is irrelevant first, so you can catch their interest. Then, show the relevant content and then do the sales. Don’t start with sales because people don’t want to talk to you. Keep it fun because people don’t like to join boring things.

Importance of Self Concept

  1. Your confidence
  2. What you think of yourself
  3. Where you see yourself going
  4. The positivity you emit

Prospecting All Starts with You!

  • No Excuses
  • Get yourself to a happy and good mood
  • Law of Attraction (think of what you want)
  • Visualize your success

Why should you be happy? Because Your Prospects Want to Buy!

Prospecting Rule: Everyone Likes to Buy Things

It all starts with Mindset.

The better you feel about yourself, the more prospects will become attracted to you because you have a greater self-concept (confidence, feelings, positive energy).

When is the best time to make a sale? Immediately after you made a sale because you are feeling good and your self concept is at an all time high. Your confidence will be higher and people will be attracted to that. When you are confident, there is an increase in trust.

3 Doubts in Your Prospects Minds

  1. Is this for real?
  2. Can I do this?
  3. Will you help me?

It all starts with attitude. The better you feel, the better you do. Get yourself into a happy mind!

Quick & Easy Ways to Increase Your Self Concept

-Do something that makes you feel good before you prospect

-Take action & prospect immediately

-Do this exercise: Pound your fist and say “I am the best!” 10 times in a row

-Have a smile when talking on the phone

-You have more energy when you are standing up

Long-Term Ways to Increase Your Self Concept

How to Increase Your Self Concept

-Reflect on your past successes

-Listen to motivational audios

-Read about other success stories

-Attend Events- Go to your training sessions, talk to other successful people

-Build your 4 beliefs

Build Your 4 Beliefs

-Belief in Industry

-Belief in Company

-Belief in Products

-Belief in Yourself

As your Beliefs increase, your confidence will increase and thus your self concept will increase.

Law of Attraction

What you think is what you get! You attract positive when you think positive. You attract negative when you think negative. Be careful what you feed your subconscious mind.

Always think the person is going to pick up the phone because if you think they will not pick up the phone, your energy will be lower and you sound caught of guard if they do answer the phone.

Don’t ask a prospect if they looked at the information. Ask the prospect what they like best about the information that you sent them.