White People Stand UP Please!!!


Hi everyone, I hope you are doing okay. I say okay because I know most people are pretty upset about the events that happened this week. I have remained silent on these things and I realized that it is time to speak up. Today’s blog is a response to someone on Facebook who denies white privilege and believes in being colorblind. His posts was length so I will not post his comments, only my response to the message. Reading his message really fired me up because so many people don’t believe that there is a problem and if you acknowledge the problem than you are buying into the leftist narrative. That is infuriating to me because even after I posted this, he still didn’t get it. He seemed like a nice man, but his views open my eyes to the fact that if white people don’t become more comfortable discussing race, we will never see the end of this madness of black men and women getting killed. Here was my response:

Yes a black man can achieve success, just like a white man, but that is not what white privilege is about. There are many successful black people who are scared to be pulled over by the police. White privilege is the fact that white people can do things and not get killed by the police or civilians, but black people don’t have that luxury. White people protest with guns and do mass shootings and they do not get shot. George Floyd, Ahmed Arbery and many over the years were unarmed and the police still killed them. I have seen videos of white people getting in the faces of the police and yelling at them and they still live. Meanwhile, if you make one wrong move when talking to the police as a black person, you are in danger. They see us as a threat no matter how rich, how poor, how educated or uneducated the black person is. White people keep calling the police on black people all the time for any and everything that black people do. If a white person doesn’t get their way, they call the police. I know not all cops are bad and not all white people are bad, but society seems to think of black people as a threat. Police are afraid of us and have been for a long time. All lives do matter, but that’s just it, America does not value black lives the same way it values white lives. Black lives matter is saying that our lives matter too, not that our lives matter more than others. The media talks about all types of murders, but these stick out because they were racially motivated. Ahmed was running like so many people do and gets shot. There have been incidents like this all the time.

The media does not follow me around all day. I live my life like everyone else, but when I walk into a room, I don’t know if some people will see me as threat for just being there. That is White Privilege, walking into an environment and not being seen as a threat. I understand that as a white man this is not your experience. But if a black person says that they live in fear daily, that isn’t the media. That is their personal experience. America is not the same for black people. It just is not.

My parents were kids during the civil rights movement. So it is not like my ancestors went through discrimination 100 or 200 years ago. My mother grew up during segregation. She was 11 or 12 when Martin Luther King died. I’m 30 years old and I work hard and have done okay. But I can reach the highest positions in life and I am still looked at as a black woman in America. I had a white girl move out after she found out I was her roommate. A kid told me he did not want to play with me because I was black when I was a child. Many white people fear black people. This is my experience not based off of television or the news. It is not victim mentality, it is my reality. I went to predominately white schools and in college, sometimes I could walk in a room of white people and the whole energy changed. I sang at a friend’s wedding and I was the only black woman there and I got questioned by guests about why was I there and how could I possibly know the couple basically. She grew up in a small town where they aren’t used to seeing black people at all. The white people who protested integration during the civil rights movement are still alive today. So to think that racism does not still exist is a choice. You choose to not accept the narrative because it does not influence your life or your family, so it is unimportant to you. There are black mothers who are sobbing because they don’t know if their sons will come home after being pulled over by the police.

It is the safest era of history for you, but it has never really been safe for black people since slavery. We were always considered second class citizens here. In the sixties, black people were hung and there were no charges against those people. Now people just use guns and call it self-defense because they feared for their lives when there was no threat. And guess what? They don’t get charged with murder. Now if a black person shot a white person, they would be thrown under the jail, even if they said it was self-defense. Besides, these recent videos were shot on people’s phones, so it wasn’t the media who even witnessed the events happen. The people in the George Floyd video tried to tell the cops to stop kneeling on his neck, but he wouldn’t. The media outlets got more information about the incidents, but the citizens are the ones catching these incidents on camera.

Black people have been killed ever since we were brought over here. The government required integration, but there were people who fought tooth and nail because they didn’t want that to happen in America and those people are still living, alive and well. You think those people aren’t passing on their prejudice to their sons, daughters and grandkids? Of course. I had a friend’s parents tell her not to date my black classmate because they were okay with having me over their house, but not okay with their daughter dating a black man. I normally stay silent about these things. I never respond to comments on facebook and this is the first for me. I’m super introverted, but I have been silent for too long. I need to start speaking up more about injustice and we need white people to acknowledge the problem, but since it doesn’t effect them, many won’t do that and this perpetuates the problem to continue. I am not saying the media is perfect because it is not, however, not everything is a lie either. The proof is in the footage, as a matter of fact, most of the videos are posted on social media first by citizens and then it gets to the major media outlets. The killing of black people never really stopped, it is just now we have more ways to capture the evidence. When the white woman lied on Emmett Till, he was murdered, but when the white woman lied on Christian Cooper in Central Park, he had evidence that she was clearly lying, so he lived. These videos get shared on Facebook first most times by witnesses, and then the media outlets respond. Now Americans can be the media because of technology. When a child gets bullied in school and nobody does anything, that is wrong. If you stand there and do nothing when another child is bullied, that’s not okay, but white people do it all the time when black people are involved. Sit back and say nothing. Black people say we are scared and white people say, “well that’s your problem. Pick yourself up and make something of yourself.” So Black people do pick themselves up and make something of ourselves, but at the end of the day we will still be another n word to some white people. One thing that I learned is that when race comes up, white people get real defensive and uncomfortable. It’s frustrating because it is the elephant in the room that people never want to discuss. The only way to grow in life is to be uncomfortable sometimes and that is how America can grow to be better. Ignoring the problems and sweeping them under the rug is not going to help our country become better. Anyway, I hope this helps you empathize more with the black community. Have a great day! Quote from my friend: Ignorance is when you don’t know any better, but racism is when you do know better, but don’t do better.

End of My Comment.

So basically, my white friends acknowledge that you can make the difference here. If you become an ally to black people then these things will stop. Black people can protest until we are blue in the face, but unless white people become our vocal allies, then we will continue to see the bodies of our black brothers and sisters again and again. Please be a friend and speak up about injustice, please. This is not a conservative or liberal issue, this is a life or death issue. Until Next Week!

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