Comparing Yourself to Others-The Other person is awesome, but You are too!!


I have gotten more serious about my business in the last few weeks, but this week brought its’ challenges. I want to succeed, but I am still struggling with consistency and time management. I think there is something holding me back and I think it is still my belief in myself and my abilities. I realize that you have to be extremely personable and confident when working your business and this still does not come naturally for me. I see my friends communicate and it seems so easy for them, but I have to really work at my communication skills, which means that it may take me longer to build my business.

I think network marketing is great, but many videos and webinars say that you are punished for the way you lived your life before you entered network marketing. And for me, this is a reality check. I had a few friends, but not many close ones. I didn’t really talk much to people and so most of my relationships with people are not very strong. I didn’t realize I should have gotten to know people when I was growing up by asking them questions about themselves. Now I know that asking questions is the best way to get to know someone, but it still takes time to build rapport with people.

My confidence is growing, but it is a struggle at times still. Please know that not everything in my life is all roses, I just try my best to present a positive attitude to the world because it’s important to do that. I am not quite where I would like to be and I do get frustrated. I was hoping to have left Memphis after college and now it will be three years since I graduated college in December and yet, I am still in Memphis. It seems like everyone is doing great things like getting married, pursuing their dream job, having children, or traveling the country, and the world. But I realize that many of these people have their own challenges as well.

I have had goals these last three years, but they haven’t worked out. I wanted to be in grad school this year, but I wasn’t accepted last year. I wanted to work a year round theatre job, but I missed out on a couple opportunities because I thought I was going to grad school. Well, then I thought I would be teaching music again this year through my private business, but the school cannot afford a music teacher. Last year, I had more voice students and now I only have one. I had moved out of my parents house for 5 months this year, but had to move back last month. I am working my MLM business, but it’s going to take time to bear fruit. I have stayed really positive though and I try to focus on the things that I am grateful for. I am grateful for my parents, my job at Cracker Barrel that helps pay my bills while I am building this MLM business, my supportive friends and church family, theatre jobs, and my network marketing business. Whenever, you feel discouraged, just think about the things that you are grateful for and thank God for those things everyday.

Many times, I still find myself comparing myself to others though, especially my friends and former high school and college classmates. I remember wishing I could be one of my classmates as early as middle school,  and I still have those thoughts today, just not as frequently. I used to think that if I had another person’s personality or talents that more people would like me, but now, I know this isn’t true. If I would focus on other people and not on myself, then more people will like me because I made them feel special. It’s natural to think about yourself, so it will take time to begin to think about others and for many including myself, it doesn’t come easy at first. But, I know how awesome I felt when someone made me feel special because it didn’t happen often, so I need to do that for other people. Remember to make people feel special and they will like you automatically, just be the person God made you to be and everything will be okay. Good luck building your business and building yourself along with others in the process!!

Hope this helps!!

Dominique Duarte

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