Believing in Yourself


I have been reciting my daily affirmation for days and it is pretty much memorized, but there is one part I keep forgetting every time and it is the believing in myself and other people part. I think my belief in myself is beginning to manifest in my conscious mind, but my subconscious mind is still trying to receive the message that I believe in myself. I have done my 30 No’s a day for two days and I have had some success with these calls. I really do believe in network marketing, I believe in my network marketing company, but I have to also believe in myself too. It is easy to feel on top of the world when things are going well, but true belief in yourself comes when you continue to believe in yourself when dealing with fear or adversity.

I am so scared and nervous when I make my calls, but I have to do it in order to be successful. I am still learning to overcome fear and adversity and honestly, it can be difficult. I have days when I feel like my belief in myself is non-existent. There will be days like this, but the key is not to stay in that negative head space for too long. One of my friends told me to write down 50 things that I was grateful for and I am still working on that list. She suggested reading it once a week to keep things in prospective. I challenge you to write 50 things that you are grateful for and read them once week. When you don’t feel like believing in yourself, read a devotional, pray to the Lord and talk to him like a friend. I am learning to talk to the Lord like a friend and it helps me so maybe it will help you. The Lord believes in you so you should believe in you too!