21 Days Part 3: Time to add a few new habits to MY LIFE!


Another 21 days has come and gone and now it is time to add a few more things to my daily task list.

From September 14th-October 4th, my daily tasks will be the following:

  1. Read Devotional, journal, and pray
  2. Recite Daily Affirmation
  3. Call 2 people a day to develop relationship
  4. Post daily to craigslist about my business
  5. Listen to MLM Nation
  6. Blog Daily
  7. Post to Facebook daily, like and comment on my news feed, send 10 messages to 10 friends. Like and comment on my MLM Business page as well.
  8. Exercise 30 minutes a day
  9. Go for 30 No’s a day
  10. Acting: Work on my monologues for auditions

The tasks in Bold are the new tasks for the next 21 Days. What started as 5 new habits two months ago is going to grow to 10 within the next 21 days. This is what it takes to make changes in your life. Work on the small things a little at a time and you will see changes. You have to take action to make yourself be the person you want to be!

Hope this helps!!

Dominique Duarte