4 Personality Traits- Simon Chan-MY NOTES


4 Personality Traits

  1. Nurturer- relationship driven.
  2. Socializer- creative and fund driven
  3. Thinker- data driven
  4. Director- Goal and challenge driven

Make sure you listen to find out what personality they are. Give them what they want to hear and talk about it.


-Emphasize relationships and how to help others.


-Helping community

-Saving lives


-Emphasize business is a TON of fun!

-Meet new friends

-Go to new countries


-Give them the details

-Provide the data.

-Let them research


-If they can be successful elsewhere, could they do it in this business.

-Show them the opportunities

-Show them the lifestyle for recognition

Becoming a better communicator

-Posture & Confidence is created by Consistent Action!

-Rule of Communication -it is all about helping others!