Open Ended Questions- Simon Chan-MY NOTES


Open Ended Questions

-What have you found so far?

-What are some qualities you look for?

-The best way to be natural when talking to people is to imagine you do not work in network marketing. Ask yourself if you weren’t in network marketing, how would you talk to this person?

-Important Rule: When you ask a question, do not break the silence, let there be silence.

-1st person to talk after a question is asked LOSES.

-You ask a question because you want the prospect to think and make a decision. But when you say anything to break up the silence, you basically tell the prospect that they don’t need to make a decision and take action. Prospect loses respect for you.

-Remember, we are NOT manipulating the prospect because we believe our business and products help people and we are out there helping others.

-We ask prospects questions to get them to talk and take action. Often they can be uncomfortable questions, but they make prospects think about their lives and change ( we make their lives better).

Don’t Interrogate- 3 Sentence Formula; Share 2-3 sentences of personal things related to subject and end with a question.