Magnetic Communication Part 2-Simon Chan My Notes Part 2


Ways to Establish Commonality

  1. Similar interests
  2. Similar geography
  3. Age or Perception of Age
  4. Mirroring- Pace of Speech; Volume of Speech; Gestures; Assertiveness (Aggressive vs. passive)

The “Lunch” Secret

How to Become the “Most Interesting Person”

Talk less and the let the other person talk. You will be the most interesting person because you are probably one of the only people that let them talk about themselves.

If you ever go out to lunch, you eat first and ask them questions. Let them talk. Eat and listen and, look for clues. Find out what’s relevant and only present what’s relevant to them, then they can eat.

You as the ADVISOR!

-You are an advisor and your goal is to find the need of the prospect and how to help them.

-1st step is to LISTEN

-Listening and eating during lunch.

-2nd Step is to ask questions

-Ask open ended questions

Never Fight the Prospect

-Don’t try to convince them against something they don’t like.

-“A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.”

Disagree by Agree

-Agree with the prospect and let the prospect talk.

-Normally the more they talk, they will end up agreeing with what you wanted to tell them anyway.

-Provides opportunity for you to share about your business.

-If you say positive things about what people are doing, they will naturally bring up the negatives.