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First Steps to Wealth-Dani Johnson MY NOTES


Hello, everyone,

First Steps of Wealth by Dani Johnson was one of the longest books that I read for my personal development, but it was one of the best. I think you should read this book because it will inspire you. Since the book was longer, this will be part one of the notes for this book. I hope this helps you with your personal development to that you can be successful in your business. Enjoy!

Laws of Success

Law #1: The Law of Vision: What do you want to do with your life? Write down what you want to do with your life including, career, relationships, where you would like to see yourself in the future.

Law #2: The Law of the Mind:The difference between how 98 percent of people think and how 2 percent of people think is their Mindset.

Law #3: The Law of Value: if you increase your skills, you will increase your pay. What determines your value in the marketplace is not your personality, whether you are shy or bold. It is not your looks or where you were born, but has everything to do with your SKILL.

  • Professional Skills- If you invest in your skills, you will earn higher pay.
  • People Skills- having great people skills will change every area of your life. When you increase your people skills, you decrease your stress, save money and increase your income. In order to make people feel special and important, let them talk abut themselves and ask them alot of questions.
  • Personal Leadership & Development- If you want to be wealthy, the only thing you can afford to do is go to work & produce results. The Law of Value means to work harder on yourself than you do on other people.

Law #4: The Law of Reaping & Sowing– take responsibility;

  • Reap & Sow with Money- If you feed your financial problems and are focused on stressing out and not being able to pay your financial bills, you will have more problems. Focus on finding the answer, feed the solution, not the problem.
  • If you give encouragement, you will get encouragement. If you want referrals, give referrals. You cannot change people, but you can change yourself.
  • The quickest way to no longer fearing rejection is to give acceptance.

Law #5: The Law of Desire: You have a desire to be wealthy, financially, spiritually, and mentally. Desire always reveals design and destiny. It only takes one person to tell you who you are to overcome it all. You need enthusiasm, persistence, and a strong belief and faith in what you are doing to succeed.

  • Enthusiasm- You need to have enthusiasm for people to want to be a part of what you are doing. Enthusiasm is what gives us hope and what makes us attractive to other people.
  • Persistence- You must be persistent to succeed at anything in life.
  • Risk Taking & Adventure- If you are going to succeed in life, you must ignite what is in your DNA and that is your adventurous risk-taking spirit.
  • Gift to Get Over It- to become successful, you must have the gift to get over these small things.
  • Faith- it needs no evidence, no proof. Faith blindly believes. It changes an individual’s behavior and sets him or her for success.

Law #6: Law of Teachability– You are hungry, pursuing success and willing to learn from masters. Teach me, show me, guide me and you will do anything if your mentors tell you what to do.

  • Confronting Ego- Ego comes from pain and ego is there to protect us from experiencing that same kind of pain again. Our enthusiasm, persistence, adventure, and faith gets pushed down by ego.

Law #7: The Law of Forgiveness– Forgiveness will bring you freedom and should become a part of your daily life.

Law #8: Law of Promotion– prosper with what you have and you will be made ruler over much more.

Law #9: The Law of Focus– whatever you focus on is what you get good at. You need to increase your ability to focus and learn new business skills. Whatever you focus on, you get good at. Time is something you never get back again and it is more valuable than money.

  • Highly successful people are very good with their time.
  • People are not loyal to the products, they are loyal to the people.
  • Remember, your product is people- finding out what they need and giving it to them so they will come back for more and give you referrals. Selling is about building relationships and growing your influence
  • The professional looks for the long-term benefits of a mutually empowered relationship, a situation where both parties feel they have gained and benefited from each other.
  • Core Rapport Methodology- Make friends first- Talk to every stranger the way you talk to your friends. Be friendly, warm and inviting. Show Genuine Interest and let people talk about themselves.
  • Listen- Listening is being genuinely interested. It makes you trustworthy to another person. Use direct eye contact, do not interrupt and ask more questions after listening so you can learn what makes that person tick.
  • Words of Encouragement- Give compliments; People love encouragement.
  • Use their name- it is the most important thing to every human on the planet.
  • Practice Business Development- You want to have a long-term business relationship. Use Business Developer on your business cards and not Salesperson on your business card.
  • Non-verbal Communication- How you hold your body, posture, gestures, how you move, facial expressions, and tone of voice. People can hear fear in your voice even with the right script. Body language also includes Smiling.
  • Verbal Communication: Tone of voice- have a bright sound and uplifting voice, do not be fake.

Law #10: The Law of Honor– Honoring people is the number one key to successful relationships. If you honor people, they will honor you.


FORM is Family, Occupation and Recreation, and Message. Use FORM to talk to people. Ask them about their family, their occupation and what they like to do for fun and then give your message. Share your message and introduce them to your presentation. Put focus on the other person and take focus off of you. Look for their SIGN-Strengths, Interests, Goals and Needs.

Changing yourself is the only absolute guarantee of something you can change. When you understand how you are designed and how others were designed, you can learn to work together in harmony.

Go for No!-Andrea Waltz & Richard Fenton- MY NOTES

go for no

I read this book and I think it is a really great read, especially if you have a fear of rejection. Here are my notes:

-Your fear of the word ‘No” is the the only thing standing between you and greatness.

-Failure is the halfway mark on the road to success, not to be avoided, but a stepping stone to get what you really want in life.

-Failing and becoming a failure are two different things. Say to yourself, “I like to fail.”

5 Levels of Failure

-Level 1: The Ability to Fail- People try too hard to avoid this & 90% of people never move past this level.

-Level 2: Willingness to Fail-Accept failure as a natural by product of the process of seeking success.

-Level 3: Wantingness to Fail- developing the desire to fail with inner faith that personal and financial growth will follow. Fewer than 5% make it here.

-Level 4: Failing Bigger & Faster- If failing is good, failing faster is better!

-Level 5: Failing Exponentially: understanding that massive success requires multiplication of effort. Enlist others to fail with them and knowing that individual success means individual success; group failure equals group success!

Go For No!

-Do something everyday that scares you. Quit focusing on your fear and look at the positive.

The Positive: You are expanding your comfort zone. Courage is acting in the face of fear. It’s being afraid of something and doing it anyway.

-When you develop a wantingness to fail, rejection starts being fun. Set goals for the number of no’s you are going to collect each week.

-Hearing ‘yes’ is easy, but learning to hear ‘no’ over and over again and to never quit, that builds character and self-esteem. You are two letters from greatness NO.

Science of Setting “No” Goals

  1. Use current closing ratio to determine the number of sales opportunities you need to make to achieve the number of yes’s, you want for the week. Set goals on daily or weekly basis.
  2. Subtract anticipated number of yes’s from your total sales opportunities and arrive at a minimum ‘no’ goal for the week.
  3. Experience “No” until it loses power over you and do the thing you fear until it loses power over you.

-The day you start giving into your fears in one area of your life, it will only be a matter of time before it becomes easier to avoid other challenges as well.

-It’s the people who work their way through the greatest number of no’s who ultimately discover the greatest number of golden yes’s!

-No doesn’t mean never, it means not yet.

-Track prospects “No’s”. It can take up to 4 No’s before you hear a Yes.

-If you’re going to fail, fail big. You need to fail exponentially- Great leaders help everyone in the organization understand the need to fail faster. When a leader is afraid to fail, everyone in the organization knows it.

-Reward people for their failures, not just their successes.

-Yes is the destination, No is how you get there!

The Four Year Career- Richard Bliss Brooke-MY NOTES Part 2


Four Cornerstones of the Four Year Career

  1. People- several people doing a little bit each, as opposed to traditional sales. Yes you can get 4 people, if you believe that you can get 4, then your team will believe the same.
  2. Product Sales- Network Marketing has very satisfied customers, they love the product. Everyone is selling the product. Average Network Marketer might only personally use and sell $100-$300 a month. Sales are simply created by the distributors using and offering products.
  3. Royalty Income- Levels of reps in your group; it is the percent of sales volume you will earn on each generation of brand representatives.
  4. Residual Income & Asset Value: Money you can count on long after you were building it and will have a corresponding asset value. When we build or buy something that produces income without working it daily, it becomes an asset worth money in proportion to the income it produces.


Momentum: Launching Your Business is Like Pushing a Car Up a Hill

Launching Your Business (1-2 years)- Maximum Effort for Least Results

You Got the Ball Rolling, but.. (2-4years)- Less Effort, but you still cannot let off.

Critical Mass-Your Income Becomes Residual- Get in and Ride the Wave

What to Look for in an MLM Company

  1. Product- Something you would buy forever, something you can recommend to others without reservation.
  2. The Company- Must be proud of and trust the company.
  3. Your Upline- Love, honor, and respect them. Listen to them, follow their lead, get trained by them, be coachable.

The Four Year Career- My Notes

Four Year

Network Marketing Qualities

-You must be assertive

-You must have confidence

-You must be dynamic in your ability to express yourself.

-You must have enough resources to propel yourself through the challenges.

-Any art requires 10,000 hours of actual practice to master it. That’s 2 hours a day, six days a week, 50 weeks a year for the Four Year Career.

Network Marketing Terms

Wholesale Customer- someone who gets involved to use the products and buy them at the same price that higher-volume distributors would pay.

Retailer- a distributor who focuses their efforts on just selling the products.

Network Marketing Leader- wholesale customer, a retailer, and someone who understands the income opportunity well enough to add selling it to their mix. Can enroll as many as 100 people or more. You must be able to enroll lots of people to sell with you and motivate the group to continue growing.

Network Marketing is using and recommending the product and finding many others who do the same.

Three Basic Activities Required to Create Your Four Year Career

  1. Use: Use company’s products in as many way as possible. Create your own best product story, then you won’t be selling, just telling your story.
  2. Recommend: Don’t sell the product here. Listen to the people around you and listen to their problems. Let them decide if it is right for them. Don’t sell or argue with customers, just recommend it. This is how successful Network Marketers establish lots of customers over time without being a nuisance.
  3. Invite: this is like recommending the product, only you are inviting them to “just” take a look at the income opportunity using tools such as a brochure or website.

Master of inviting = Mastering the Four Year Career

Keys to being an effective inviter:

-Be convinced yourself in your product, company & network marketing

-Be interesting- Ask curiosity questions & listen. Make it all about them and they will be honored and become interested in you.

-Mastery comes with practice: 10,00 hours of practice might convert to 5,000 conversations over four years.

-You are not in the game unless you are inviting new people to look everyday, every week.

-Stop thinking, worrying, avoiding it and getting organized to do it. Take action! Two a day and 10 in play is the perfect plan. Invite 2 new people everyday and follow-up on the last 10 you invited until they say “Yes” or “No”.

Writing a Daily Affirmation


One of my friends told me that she wrote a daily affirmation to say to herself everyday. I had never thought to do this, but I think it helps you to start your day with the right mindset. Many network marketers have stated in books and videos that they do something everyday to work on themselves so I suggest writing a daily affirmation. You can use books with daily affirmations, but I think it becomes more personal when you write your affirmation yourself. Only you know the person that you want to become and only you know the negative thoughts that you have been speaking to yourself and if you say a daily affirmation, you are talking to your sub-conscious mind as well. Change is difficult because we say we want to change but our sub-conscious mind does not want to change. We have many negative thoughts about ourselves and we have probably been feeding those negative thoughts for years. Speak good things about yourself regularly and catch yourself when you are not being kind to yourself. Be a good friend by being compassionate to yourself. So let’s get started everyone!

First, write down what you value and what person you would like to become. Then, write your daily affirmation. Post your daily affirmation where you can see it everyday. Recite the affirmation in the mirror in power stance with hands on your hips. Recite it with confidence and speak those words as if you truly believe them even if you don’t right now. One day you will believe those words and will be that person that you envision in your affirmation. Below is the daily affirmation I have said to myself since July 14, 2015:

“This is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it. I am beautiful, talented, and committed to pursuing my goals. I will push past my fears to help other people overcome their fears and uplift their spirits. I will be a servant to others. I love the Lord, myself, and others wholeheartedly. I will meet my challenges, fulfill my purpose, have a positive attitude, choose to do the right things, believe in myself and others. I will commit to fulfilling my purpose during my time here on earth.

Ladies and gentleman, I am not the person in this affirmation yet, but I will keep saying this everyday so that I become the person that I hope to become someday.

Hope this helps! Be Blessed.

Dominique Duarte

Chalene Johnson Confidence Webinar- MY NOTES

Chalene Johnson

  1. Release the Label: Don’t say “I’m Shy,” but say “I am formerly shy.”
  2. Understand Your Personality Style: Know the difference between being shy and being an introvert. Introverts can talk to people and be social, but it drains his/her energy. Shy people are  afraid of talking to other people. Extroverts enjoy the energy of people in the room. Shyness is cute when you are a child, but not when you are an adult.
  3. Change Your Body Language: Smile and make people feel good around you; Open your body up to be more inviting to  other people.
  4. Improve your Communication Style: Be quietly confident and be aware of other people. Wait & listen; Don’t lead with the negative, take compliments, avoid incessantly apologizing, know that what you have to say is important and just say it; speak up because your opinion matters. God gave you a voice and your opinion matters.
  5. Use a Confident Voice: drop the octave, sound like you can take control. Imitate the voice of another to work on improving your own voice.
  6. Use Confident Facial Expressions: Listen and engage; Ask yourself what questions you can ask people. Don’t look uninterested.
  7. Get Out of Your Head and into Their Heart. Most people have the same thoughts you have when in social settings. How can I help people feel more comfortable? Prepare a list of questions to help when approaching other people.

Lastly, Confident People are:



-Always smiling

-Make others feel comfortable

-Down to earth

-Accepting of others

-Interested in people

-Make people feel good about themselves

Recruiting with Facebook with Guest Terry Gremaux on Ray Higdon Webinar


7 Ways to Seduce Your Perfect Prospect to Get Endless Leads & Sales

-How to attract the perfect prospect to you?

-Never ever run out of leads

-No more cold-market

-Draw ready to buy prospects to me

-What not to do on Facebook that is hurting on.

-Get Complete Guide to Social Media Marketing

Facebook Posts

-No Link

-Take a quote & give it your opinion.

-Always ask a question for engagement

-Ask them to send you a PM.

-Portray the lifestyle others want

Create Engagement with Posts

-Reach out to your links

-Reach out to your comments

-Reach out to anyone who hits my page

-Reply back to comments as well.

Keep Inbox Full

-Ask curiosity grabbing questions. “I just lost 10 pounds in 32 days & I feel great! PM ME if you’d like to know how I did it.”

– No Links!!

-Find a Facebook group to match your audience/prospect

-Comment with the administrator.

-Generally then you can message everybody else.

-Create Videos

-Introduce yourself

-Ask a question

-Answer that question

-CTA- Call to Action

-Simple on your phone

Attraction Blueprint

-Have a great profile.

-Sexy about section

-Post great engaging fun stuff

-Create interaction

-Have value on your page that leads to a sale or a lead.

-Make lots of money!!

Facebook for Network Marketing; Jim Lupkin and Brian Carter – MY NOTES


Facebook is part of your strategy, not the whole strategy. You also need the following:

-You need Passion

-You need People Skills

-You need Communication Skills: You must get your point across with the least possible amount of words. If he/she wants to become a customer, STOP TALKING! Talk with people face to face because it is more meaningful. Talk with people over the phone because your voice is unique and when people hear our voices, we strengthen relationships.

-Attend Company Events-Those who attend company events develop a different type of appreciation for the product and opportunity.

-Best Distributors start out as most passionate customers!

-Pursue Personal Development- Read, listen to audio, attend events and have a personal coach.

-Network Marketing is a numbers game; Understanding the numbers allows you to create a clear plan to success.

-1 out of every 20 people you talk to will become a distributor & 1 out of every 5 will become a customer.

Facebook Groups for MLM Business

Facebook Groups are more effective than Facebook Business Pages

Use group to communicate with your marketing team.

Invite people who show interest in the your business into the group.

When new in network marketing career, you haven’t developed the skills and experience to inspire and move large groups of people into action.

Start Facebook group once you have made full-time income from Network Marketing.

Stay engaged in current Facebook groups for your MLM company. Comment, like, share on the company page.

Facebook Profile

-Step 1: Getting to Know You: Keep same profile picture. Your picture is the brand for your business.

-Step 2: Beginning to Like You: Show personality through cover photo. Change your cover photo to keep current with your life. Don’t express political views through your cover photo.

-Step 3: Beginning to Trust You: Complete your About Section: Share work history, relationship status, favorite books, movies, etc.

I would suggest reading the book as well. Network Marketing for Facebook by Jim Lupkin & Brian Carter.

Hope this helps you!! Be Blessed

Dominique Duarte

Facebook Recruiting- from Ron Gelok


-Use Facebook tool to generate warm market

-Connect & Befriend

-Show the Lifestyle and sell the lifestyle to attract people to you

-Separating your profile is not necessary

-Beef up your Profile! Keep it Simple and Be yourself!

-Develop relationships, attract people to you by asking questions, using positive quotes, and pictures


-Do not post links to company or presentation.

-Don’t use words join, opportunity,

-Don’t be negative

-Do not use profile as marketing megaphones for your friends

Ask yourself the following:

-Who do I want to work with?

-Where do they hang out?

-What do they like?

-What do they read?

-Who are they?

What Good Prospects Look Like

-Active- responding to comments and likes.

-No Negative Nancy or Whining Willy

-Similar interests to you

-Stay away from politics

-Look for go-getters, leaders and those with more desire than excuses

-Check out different Facebook groups; such as Personal Growth groups

-Look up health & wellness groups- start up conversations,

-Look up groups, pages, and fan pages.

1st Opening Conversations

-Find a common interest, start a conversation

-Tell them why you found them or befriended them

-“Hey, would you be open to making some money on a side project if it didn’t interfere with work or school?”

-To get his/her phone number, say, “Facebook is kinda of personal, would you like to talk on the phone?”

When Do You Ask Them to Check out Your Business

-Do they have a need?

-Are they open?

-Different speeds and trust factors

-Goal is to get them to ask you what you do.

Major Network Marketing Strategy- Ray Higdon


The Major Network Marketing Strategy is Blogging!

Why Blogging!

-They last forever (versus paid advertising)

-Very low cost to start

-Easiest & most effective way to brand yourself

-Better than social media as you own the blog

-If you aren’t blogging, you lose if you are in marketing.

-It’s simple.

-Blogging should not replace your other prospect efforts.

3 Biggest Obstacles

  1. Fear of Technology; You don’t have to be technical.
  2. Who wants to listen to you? People want problems solved, they don’t care about your resume. Solve their problems & they will want to connect and be around you!
  3. What should you talk about? If you read any books, attend any webinars or events, take notes and transfer to your blog.

Tips for Blogging Successfully!

-Blog what you learn (books, webinars, event notes)

-Focus on them, not you

-Keep it simple

-Don’t stop prospecting until you have plenty of leads coming in.

-Easiest way to become a trainer, create a blog. Build your blog now!!

-Choose domain name that is easy remember

-Blog daily- Keep it short and simple; you can also do a few blogs a week, but BE CONSISTENT!

-Provided value, so you generate leads

-Blog about how to make money, not necessarily your MLM company; have training and education

-Wordpress is the best for blogging and yes you should pay for your blog!

-Put your name in your blog post

-Ray Higdon doesn’t always have 500 words for his blog so you don’t have to have that many words all the time if you blog daily.