First Steps to Wealth-Dani Johnson- MY NOTES Part 2


Personality Gems

Sapphires– they are motivated by fun and they like socializing. Tell them to meet you 30 minutes earlier than you need because they tend to be late.

Pearls– they are motivated by helping other people. They are very thoughtful and sympathetic, nurturing and patient, have the gifts of mercy and service. Sense when someone is being fake, appreciates personal touch, but has to stop supporting the wrong people and allow them to deal with their own consequences. They are the best listeners.

Emeralds-they are motivated by facts and figures, they are punctual, orderly, and super-organized. They are weak in communication, can be judged as insensitive and cold-hearted, usually asks why, are perfectionists and want to figure out everything before they start, which can be a hindrance to their success. They are analytical, fact-based and can be more productive if they remember it is not about perfection, it is about getting the job done with results. They keep their word.

Rubies– they are motivated by challenges and like the best of everything; very outspoken and very bold; very direct and to the point; very productive and get more done in one day than anybody else, not afraid of taking risks, has to be number one.

Sharing Ideas with Gems


  • Keep it upbeat and keep it simple.
  • Love to meet face to face
  • Keep everything positive
  • Allow them to experience the product


  • Talk to them face to face or over the phone.
  • Make appointment on their turf
  • Tell them how something helps them or their family
  • Tell stories and listen
  • Ask if they have questions, keep control of the converstaion


  • Have all materials and information available to them; phone email and websites are best.
  • Tell stories of who had favorable results with your product, service or idea.


  • Be sharp and concise, fast
  • Tell why it its the best
  • Offer short testimonials
  • Be results oriented
  • Keep putting their goals in front of them.

Employee-preneur– invest their heart and souls into the job. Mindset that they want to get paid for results. You grow in a job by influencing the people around you, not just the customers, but the people you work with as well. Everyone sells; edify your employers and co-workers.

Change your mindset and contribute to your company. 98% of people wait for their work to bring them satisfaction. 2% of people find satisfaction by giving their work their best. Influence your Environment, solve problems, increase your value, do not think of your work as just a job, you are a partner on a team and you want the team to be successful.

Start as an Entrepreneur: Ask questions and encourage the prospects to talk about themselves. Find people who have what you want and do what they do.

Law #11: The Law of Decision– There is something powerful that takes place in you when you get to the point of making a decision and following through with it. It’s when we leave room for excuses that we fail.

Law #12: The Law of Action– When you immediately follow your decisions with action, a funnel of favor begins. Doors open, action is now.

Honor Your Prospects: Honor them by FORMING them; getting them to talk about themselves and listening. Make them feel special and important. The script needs to put focus on the prospect. Ask questions.

Control the Conversation: When you give your clients what they want, they give you what you want; more business. Let them sell you rather than you sell them.

Sell the Results: You have to create results and then your reputation will spread.

Start where you are: You do not have to love what you do, start where you are. Teachability is key to long-lasting success as an entrepreneur.

Change your Environment: You are influenced by your environment; surround yourself with success-minded people who will help you grow between poverty and wealth.

How you manage your home and household is how you’ll manage your company. Continually invest in your skills because you never know when you might have to launch a new business. When starting a business, you are volunteering your time.

Focus on Results: Have a “no excuse” mindset. If you produce results, you raise your value, which means you raise your pay. Drive is actually getting it done and getting it done NOW.