The Four Year Career- Richard Bliss Brooke-MY NOTES Part 2


Four Cornerstones of the Four Year Career

  1. People- several people doing a little bit each, as opposed to traditional sales. Yes you can get 4 people, if you believe that you can get 4, then your team will believe the same.
  2. Product Sales- Network Marketing has very satisfied customers, they love the product. Everyone is selling the product. Average Network Marketer might only personally use and sell $100-$300 a month. Sales are simply created by the distributors using and offering products.
  3. Royalty Income- Levels of reps in your group; it is the percent of sales volume you will earn on each generation of brand representatives.
  4. Residual Income & Asset Value: Money you can count on long after you were building it and will have a corresponding asset value. When we build or buy something that produces income without working it daily, it becomes an asset worth money in proportion to the income it produces.


Momentum: Launching Your Business is Like Pushing a Car Up a Hill

Launching Your Business (1-2 years)- Maximum Effort for Least Results

You Got the Ball Rolling, but.. (2-4years)- Less Effort, but you still cannot let off.

Critical Mass-Your Income Becomes Residual- Get in and Ride the Wave

What to Look for in an MLM Company

  1. Product- Something you would buy forever, something you can recommend to others without reservation.
  2. The Company- Must be proud of and trust the company.
  3. Your Upline- Love, honor, and respect them. Listen to them, follow their lead, get trained by them, be coachable.