Recruiting with Facebook with Guest Terry Gremaux on Ray Higdon Webinar


7 Ways to Seduce Your Perfect Prospect to Get Endless Leads & Sales

-How to attract the perfect prospect to you?

-Never ever run out of leads

-No more cold-market

-Draw ready to buy prospects to me

-What not to do on Facebook that is hurting on.

-Get Complete Guide to Social Media Marketing

Facebook Posts

-No Link

-Take a quote & give it your opinion.

-Always ask a question for engagement

-Ask them to send you a PM.

-Portray the lifestyle others want

Create Engagement with Posts

-Reach out to your links

-Reach out to your comments

-Reach out to anyone who hits my page

-Reply back to comments as well.

Keep Inbox Full

-Ask curiosity grabbing questions. “I just lost 10 pounds in 32 days & I feel great! PM ME if you’d like to know how I did it.”

– No Links!!

-Find a Facebook group to match your audience/prospect

-Comment with the administrator.

-Generally then you can message everybody else.

-Create Videos

-Introduce yourself

-Ask a question

-Answer that question

-CTA- Call to Action

-Simple on your phone

Attraction Blueprint

-Have a great profile.

-Sexy about section

-Post great engaging fun stuff

-Create interaction

-Have value on your page that leads to a sale or a lead.

-Make lots of money!!