Chalene Johnson Confidence Webinar- MY NOTES

Chalene Johnson

  1. Release the Label: Don’t say “I’m Shy,” but say “I am formerly shy.”
  2. Understand Your Personality Style: Know the difference between being shy and being an introvert. Introverts can talk to people and be social, but it drains his/her energy. Shy people are  afraid of talking to other people. Extroverts enjoy the energy of people in the room. Shyness is cute when you are a child, but not when you are an adult.
  3. Change Your Body Language: Smile and make people feel good around you; Open your body up to be more inviting to  other people.
  4. Improve your Communication Style: Be quietly confident and be aware of other people. Wait & listen; Don’t lead with the negative, take compliments, avoid incessantly apologizing, know that what you have to say is important and just say it; speak up because your opinion matters. God gave you a voice and your opinion matters.
  5. Use a Confident Voice: drop the octave, sound like you can take control. Imitate the voice of another to work on improving your own voice.
  6. Use Confident Facial Expressions: Listen and engage; Ask yourself what questions you can ask people. Don’t look uninterested.
  7. Get Out of Your Head and into Their Heart. Most people have the same thoughts you have when in social settings. How can I help people feel more comfortable? Prepare a list of questions to help when approaching other people.

Lastly, Confident People are:



-Always smiling

-Make others feel comfortable

-Down to earth

-Accepting of others

-Interested in people

-Make people feel good about themselves