Facebook Recruiting- from Ron Gelok


-Use Facebook tool to generate warm market

-Connect & Befriend

-Show the Lifestyle and sell the lifestyle to attract people to you

-Separating your profile is not necessary

-Beef up your Profile! Keep it Simple and Be yourself!

-Develop relationships, attract people to you by asking questions, using positive quotes, and pictures


-Do not post links to company or presentation.

-Don’t use words join, opportunity,

-Don’t be negative

-Do not use profile as marketing megaphones for your friends

Ask yourself the following:

-Who do I want to work with?

-Where do they hang out?

-What do they like?

-What do they read?

-Who are they?

What Good Prospects Look Like

-Active- responding to comments and likes.

-No Negative Nancy or Whining Willy

-Similar interests to you

-Stay away from politics

-Look for go-getters, leaders and those with more desire than excuses

-Check out different Facebook groups; such as Personal Growth groups

-Look up health & wellness groups- start up conversations,

-Look up groups, pages, and fan pages.

1st Opening Conversations

-Find a common interest, start a conversation

-Tell them why you found them or befriended them

-“Hey, would you be open to making some money on a side project if it didn’t interfere with work or school?”

-To get his/her phone number, say, “Facebook is kinda of personal, would you like to talk on the phone?”

When Do You Ask Them to Check out Your Business

-Do they have a need?

-Are they open?

-Different speeds and trust factors

-Goal is to get them to ask you what you do.