Balancing It All


My goal is to blog once a week and I missed last week and I apologize. I have not been feeling my best lately and this took me back to my college days when I had too much going on and how it affected me mentally. I am very ambitious and I want to accomplish so many goals. But I am going to have to take time to take care of myself mentally, physically and emotionally while pursing my goals and dreams. I keep trying to make healthy habits a priority, but get caught up in life and put them on the back burner.

For my spiritual development, I have been trying to read the bible daily. I did read the New Testament all the way through from August until October of last year thanks to Connect Church. This was a big stride for me, but since November, I have not been reading the Bible enough and it really does need to be a number one priority in my life. The goal is to wake up every day and read it because if I do not do it first thing in the morning, I will not do it all and I know this for a fact. I know reading the Bible will make everything else better and further my relationship with the Lord. My church attendance has been pretty consistent within the last couple of years and I realize that this does feed you spiritually weekly, but reading the bible everyday feds you spiritually daily. Also, I would like to journal more consistently. I have so many thoughts and sometimes my thoughts can really consume me, so getting it down on paper would help relieve some stress on my brain as well.

For my physical development, I have been trying to exercise with Jillian Michaels daily for months. I was introduced to her videos by Crystin Gilmore and both Jillian and Crystin are in great shape and take exercise pretty seriously. When I do exercise with Jillian, I get a great workout and I have the stamina to get through it. It is just one of those things that can be easy to skip every day. Ideally, I want to get up, read the bible, pray, exercise and start my day. If I could make this a consistent habit, it would influence my life in many ways.

For as long as I can remember, my biggest issue in getting things accomplished has been my thoughts. My thoughts can really take me to another place sometimes and it can be hard to come back to my tasks. It makes it hard to concentrate and be as productive as I could be. When I do read the Bible some mornings, it takes me longer than I anticipate because I have so many thoughts and questions. But then I realize what time it is and I have to get my day started so I skip the exercise. I do not turn on my television in my room anymore to stay focused, but I get distracted by thoughts. This used to happen when I would study for school. It would take me hours to complete assignments because I would get so distracted with my thoughts. It’s tricky because I have always taken on heavy loads and gotten things done, but it can put a strain on me because of how long it takes me to get all those tasks done. For most of high school and college, I didn’t socialize as much because I wanted to get all of my work done and I knew it would take me longer than most people. In some ways I have had to isolate myself in order to complete everything at my optimum level and this is not always a positive thing. I am not anti-social, but I think people assumed I loved school more than people because I spent so much time studying. In reality, I spent so much time studying because I needed to get my work done and I wanted to make honor roll and dean’s list, so if I had to spend hours upon hours working on assignments because of my concentration problems, that is what I would do.

Currently, I am in rehearsals for Jesus Christ Superstar at Theatre Memphis, teaching music for Aristocats Kids, working at aftercare, and preparing lessons for my voice students at St. Georges Independent School, working my coffee business and marketing Beautiful Melodies to the community. I also auditioned for two musicals and was cast in Once on this Island at Hatiloo Theatre, the opening show for next season at their new location.

For Beautiful Melodies, my goal is to make at least 20 calls a day to churches, wedding venues, wedding planners and schools to market my services. Furthermore, I am creating an 8 week vocal program where I would be giving voice lessons to students for seven weeks and the students would sing a solo at a recital on the eighth week of the program. I would love to get this program up and running at multiple schools for their summer camps and fall and spring after-school enrichment programs.

I have quite a bit on my plate and I have to plan out my days every night so that I do not get overwhelmed. I want to get all of these things done in a timely and organized manner, but sometimes it is a challenge. I do get things done, but not as much as I would like to sometimes and this can be disappointing. Now I know there are several people who take on many tasks and get it all done and still have free time, so I know it is possible to take on the world and survive. But after getting distressed last week, one of my friends reminded me that for some people it isn’t as easy to take on too much because it can have unhealthy consequences for that individual. My overall health must be a priority so I can be here to enjoy the fruits of my labor for years to come. I want to support myself financially doing what I love and helping people in the process. However, I have to be in one piece mentally, physically, and emotionally to make an impact and serve others effectively.

Have a healthy and productive day everyone!